10 gigs in Birmingham this May for less than a tenner

If only we could include the countless local gigs in this round up (as there are so, so many this month), but ten is just such a good number. Be sure to head down to all of these gigs in Birmingham this month to catch our local talent in its prime.

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Black Mekon + The Mighty Young + Hamer

Who: Masked garage rock bandits who hate bios about themselves
When: 2nd May
Where: The Night Owl
Tickets: Free

Fans of fuzzy garage rock with dirt under its nails need to know about Black Mekon. If you haven’t heard of the masked bandits yet, that means they probably hate you. Catch them at local psych night Kaleidoscope alongside bluesy The Mighty Young and Leeds based Hamer.

Swampmeat Family Band + Cave Girl

Who: Nashville right here in Birmingham
When: 3rd May
Where: The Night Owl
Tickets: £5

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Join the family as they bring a taste of Tennessee right to Digbeth, whilst fundraising for next year’s stint at SXSW. Swampmeat Family Band are all about good old fashioned country punk, tie that with glam, psychedelic indie rock from Cave Girl and you have a hoedown like no other.

Harry Jordan + Special Guests

Who: Super sultry rockabilly and sleazy rock and roll
When: 4th May
Where: The Dark Horse
Tickets: Free

Forget everything you know about Rockabilly, as Harry Jordan is about to reinvent it for you. Sleazy rock and roll meets Western riffs and chasing drums as Harry commands all who dare to cross her path. This is a rare chance to catch such roaring and effortless cool talent for free, so no messing about.

Ekkah + Hunger Moon + Kim’s Cold Food Company + Hayley Frances

Who: Birmingham’s strong women coming together to fundraise for Safe Gigs For Women
When: 5th May
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £7

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Birmingham’s serial patriarchy smashers and party starts Bad Girls are back, bringing London’s Ekkah to The Sunflower Lounge for a special fundraising performance. Expect funk and disco infused music from the headliners, DJs, local artists and more all raising money and awareness to create a safer environment for women at gigs.

Calvin Johnson + Cherry Pickles + Henrik Appel + The Moving Pictures

Who: One of the most influential figures in DIY punk and indie
When: 8th May
Where: Centrala
Tickets: £8

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All the way from Olympia Washington, Cold Rice present Calvin Johnson live in Birmingham, who’s had hands in Beat Happening, Halo Benders and K Records to name but a few. Combine this with the garage rock duo taking Birmingham by storm Cherry Pickles, Swedish minimalist artist Henrik Appel and ‘hate rock minimalism’ from The Moving Pictures, it’s another unmissable gig.

Weakened Friends + METHODS + Whitelight

Who: Noise junk all the way from Boston, USA
When: 13th May
Where: The Flapper
Tickets: £7

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100 miles or so from Boston, you’ll find Maine, where you’ll also find Weakened Friends. Uncontrollable, unshakeable melodies and buzzing guitars will be sure to captivate all who are drawn near, as Weakened Friends put effort and passion into every commanding lyric.

Stonefield + Brain Food

Who: Australian psych rock luminaries
When: 14th May
Where: Hare and Hounds
Tickets: £8

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Four sisters paying homage to the powerhouse that was 70s prog and psych, whilst keeping it completely their own. Stonefield will find themselves comfortably nestled in any playlist containing the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and the like. Support come from Birmingham’s own mind bending psych machines Brain Food, who have been busy concocting new ear melting tracks of their own.

SPINN + Arcade Hearts + George Pannell

Who: The newest indie crush straight out of Liverpool
When: 16th May
Where: The Castle and Falcon
Tickets: £8

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Think if B-Town and The Smiths had a love child, and you’re kind of on the same wave length as SPINN. That’s not to discredit the band, who have admitted The Smiths are a huge inspiration. The Liverpool quartet have driven up quite a stir with their debut self titled, as their sunny guitar riffs and heartbroken lyrics have the country hooked by the heartstrings.

The Nude Party + Special Guests

Who: A smoothie of 60/70s rock and roll with chunks of modern day flavour.
When: 21st May
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £8

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Fans of The Kinks, Bob Dylan and the already mentioned ‘Stones will love what The Nude Party have done with the place. However, take a closer look and you’ll find a contemporary effort to what you know as rock and roll. Jangly guitars and harmonicas are no stranger to this band who really don’t want you to take them seriously.

Spilt Milk Society + DAME + The Pines

Who: It’s a gig… but a quiz…
When: 25th May
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £8

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Fluctuating between tropical indie and 80s pop smash hits, Spilt Milk Society are set to headline this gig turned Quiz in the basement of The Sunny. Jam out to Birmingham bands and take on the Q’s to win a £50 bar tab and band merch. Two birds one stone it seems…

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