Tuesday, June 25, 2024

DIY trailblazer Calvin Johnson to play Birmingham this May

Legendary American musician, writer, producer and vocalist Calvin Johnson is set to play Birmingham’s Centrala on Wednesday 8th May.

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Calvin Johnson was a founding member of Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team and The Halo Benders. An incredibly influential figure on the DIY punk, lo-fi, indie and rock scene, Johnson is notorious for his deep monotone singing voice. He also runs K records, early home to artists such as Beck, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill and Bikini Kill.

“Calvin now performs as a solo artist – his infamous acoustic shows combine the pure pop magic of Doo Wop with the open-hearted simplicity of Beat Happening’s finest moments.” – Stevie Baker, ColdRice

Support comes from two acts from the Swedish PNKSLM label, local garage-rock duo Cherry Pickles and stripped-back solo artist Henrik Apparel. Opening up the night will be The Moving Pictures (also from Johnson’s hometown of Olympia) known for minimalist half-spoken singing and emotive performances.

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