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10 gigs in Birmingham this November for less than a tenner

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock since the dawn of time, never stepping into the boundaries of the beer soaked gig world, you know that November is the month for gigs. Touring and local come together to show off their brand new bangers, and do we have a lot to pick from this month all for less than a round in the pub.

Rascalton + Bad Girlfriend + BILK

Who: Glasgow punk band on the rise
When: 2nd November
Where: The Dark Horse
Tickets: Free!

Crunching punk bangers with searing riffs and a Glasgow twang. Fans of the snap wit of Idles and the rough and ready, happy go lucky charm of The Libertines and Cabbage will seriously dig Rascalton’s tried and tested, but always successful sound.

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam + Hoopla Blue + Sweet Deals on Surgery + Cave Girl

Who: Black humour meets retro indie and punk riffs to create a chaotic explosion.
When: 3rd November
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £7

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A band with over 100 songs, distilling it down to one debut album. An organised chaos to say the least, but that sums up the reckless and relentless indie punk smashers Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. Support from space pop Hoopla Blue, rock and & roll glam Cave Girl and indie punk/noise pop Sweet Deals on Surgery.

FRIGS + Mutes + Odmansbox

Who: Toronto based raw garage and noise.
When: 7th November
Where: Hare & Hounds
Tickets: £8

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Stark, eratic, reflective and manic. Toronto based Frigs peel away the top layer for raw, stinging garage rock. Moody and deep vocals slice through to the core whilst a rattle of guitars and drums create a sludge of post-punk noise. Support comes in the form of local stalwarts Mutes and Odmansbox.

Magic Potion + Robert Craig Oulton

Who: Swedish dream poppers releasing their debut EP.
When: 8th November
Where: The Dark Horse
Tickets: Free!

Both acts on this respectable bill carry dream soaked pop tracks, floating in their own cloudy haze. Headliners Magic Potion drift along with brain stirring indie-pop speckled with lo-fi and nostalgia, whilst Birmingham support Robert Craig Oulton casts a sunny glow on his mellow tracks.

Milk Teeth + Fresh + Polt Her Geist

Who: Punk rockers with a lot to say.
When: 16th November
Where: Muthers Studio
Tickets: £9

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Milk Teeth hark back to the pop punk days of our youth. Snare heavy, bass heavier, their punky calibre is anything but dated and promises to bite back. Performing both ‘Be Nice’ and ‘Go Away’ in full for the first time in one of Birmingham’s most intimate venues.

The Mother’s Earth Experiment + High Horses

Who: The Experiment is over.
When: 16th November
Where: 104 Floodgate Street, Birmingham.
Tickets: £8

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One of the main pile drivers of Birmingham’s psych scene have come full circle and decided to call it a day. That’s not without a final psychedelic send off however. Expect burning soul, inflections of punk and blues and whole lotta garage psych from a band Birmingham should be proud to be the home of.

La Dharma + Echo Gecco + Camens + The Borgias

Who: Frenetic indie rockers with quick witted lyrics.
When: 17th November
Where: Castle and Falcon
Tickets: £7

Blending synth pop and indie pop together, Birmingham’s La Dharma match their catchy tunes with even catcher lyrics. Supports from the animated and energetic Echo Gecco, ‘honest’ British indie Camens and alternative and indie dance outfit The Borgias.

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Pip Blom + Table Scraps + The Americas

Who: Dutch lo-fi indie pop.
When: 19th November
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £8

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A huge band for 2018, Pip Blom have tapped into the lo-fi vibes that have infected the airwaves and gave them a new lease of life. Support hailing from Birmingham garage punk heroes Table Scraps and Worcester’s rock and rollers The Americas.

Nervus + Greatwhite + Worriers + Wood & Nails

Who: LGBTQ+ punk rockers
When: 22nd November
Where: The Flapper
Tickets: £9

Landing in Birmingham with their sophomore album ‘Everything Dies’, Nervus create compositions that are purely cathartic, tackling the tough questions raised with gender dysphoria, and later championing them, looking past vulnerability and using their frustration of the world to create alt-rock with a message.

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The Cosmics + Thee MVPs  + Paper Buoys + Mutes

Who: Fizzy garage punk trio with a sting in its tail.
When: 30th November
Where: Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £7

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The Cosmics. Arguably one of those names you should know if you’ve ever witnessed Birmingham’s musical offerings. If you haven’t, this single release show is the perfect chance to catch raw, unadulterated garage punk and psych at its best along with a heavyweight line up featuring Thee MVPs, Paper Buoys and Mutes.

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