Monday, March 4, 2024

Watch: Bad Girlfriend are back with new video ‘Here It Comes’

Everyone’s favourite trio of terror are back with a brand new punk anthem straight from the streets of 0121.

‘Here It Comes’ is the latest single from the stage diving, amp jumping, beer spilling trio Bad Girlfriend, made of up of Connor Hemming, Richie James and Billy Smallman-Köpf. Fuzzed out to the max, the track lulls you in and then kicks you straight into the sun in a riff heavy, bass pulsating fury. Similar to fan favourite ‘Royals’, ‘Here It Comes’ takes everything you love about garage punk and squeezes it to oblivion in less than three minutes.

Recorded by Mark Gittins at the local Megatone Studios, ‘Here It Comes’ takes Bad Girlfriend’s sound, which heavily relies of live recordings, and brings it into a studio setting. The breakdown towards the end of the track seems to slow down time, making you wade through thick, sludgy guitars with no mercy.

Until the day comes when we can spill pints and get sweaty in some of Brum’s best basements and venues, we have this delightfully evil new punk banger from Bad Girlfriend to keep us going. The trio have supported the likes of The Chats, Swervediver and Dune Rats and have become synonymous with local legends Table Scraps and God Damn, and we’re sure they’re going to be one of the first bands bringing the noise when the pandemic is over.

‘Here It Comes’ is available to buy and stream now. Follow Bad Girlfriend on Facebook and Instagram.

Header image by Sam Frank Wood

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