10 gigs in Birmingham this February for less than a tenner

It may be absolutely baltic outside, but things are heating up for Birmingham’s music scene. February sees bands from further afield flock here on tour, whilst local bands show us why Birmingham is the best for music.

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The Bongolian

Who: A fusion of latin flavoured jazz and boogaloo
When: 2nd February
Where: The Night Owl
Tickets: £7

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Lovers of 60s and jazz listen up, The Bongolian is here to take you on a jazz-funk odyssey like no other at Digbeth’s soul and retro nightclub. Expect a cosmic blend of 60s, jazz, funk and a helluva lot of bongos.

The Murder Capital + The Cosmics + Bad Girlfriend

Who: Dublin’s newest musical answer
When: 5th February
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £6

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Heavily dubbed as Dublin’s newest (and best) alt-rock band, even before they’d even made a release. The bristly, post punk jams, driven by a desire to change. Supports hail from two of Birmingham’s best punk trios: the psychedelic furore of The Cosmics and the trashy and tenacious Bad Girlfriend.

Silvershores + Brain Food + Sorry Grace

Who: Expansive soundscapes and psychedelic indie rock.
When: 7th February
Where: The Night Owl
Tickets: Free entry

Birmingham’s premier psych night and arts market Kaleidoscope is back to celebrate its first birthday with one of its main influences headlining. Silvershores create cosmic soundscapes with powerful walls of noise, a storm of euphoric psych and rock. Supports come from the mind winding Brain Food and jazzy psych ensemble Sorry Grace.

Youth Man + The Double Happy + A Pig Called Eggs + More

Who: Brummie punks et al raising money to support a Wolverhampton recording studio.
When: 9th February
Where: Muthers Studio
Tickets: Pay as you feel

As part of the Die Das Der collective, Youth Man, The Double Happy, A Pig Called Eggs, Modern Literature, Fauxgazi and Tomorrow Come The Wolves are all playing a benefit show to help raise funds for The Black Country Recording Studio that was recently burnt down. Expect ‘destructive Brummie sex punk’ from Youth Man as well as a one off performance from surprise bill Fauxgazi.

Another Sky + Charteuse + Imogen

Who: Peculiar, yet profound and double edged London based quartet.
When: 13th February
Where: Hare and Hounds
Tickets: £7

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A soft hum and glow at one point, a careering avalanche the next. Another Sky shape shift and align themselves into different forms, floating through agonising melancholy in ‘Forget Yourself’ to spitting with bile and distain at Hollywood’s cynicism in ‘Chillers.’ Plus, with the ethereal local support Chartreuse, this is set to be a perfectly harmonised, progressive left of the dial gig.

Breathe Panel + Robert Craig Oulton

Who: Thoughtful and nostalgic indie.
When: 15th February
Where: The Dark Horse
Tickets: Free entry

We love a freebie, and now is the perfect time to catch Breathe Panel before their ultimate and further rise. With shimmering guitars and intricate drum patterns in tow, Breathe Panel have already supported the likes of The Big Moon and Honeyblood before the releasing of their debut record. Catch them with local support Robert Craig Oulton – where meticulously melodic and scuzzy ‘Robbie O’ riffs meet a nostalgic overlook.

Wyvern Lingo + Effervescent

Who: Big beats and beautiful harmonies from this Irish trio.
When: 24th February
Where: The Castle and Falcon
Tickets: £8

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Wyvern Lingo are inextricably in sync. The trio bare every secret and feeling with each other, which reflects in their heart on their sleeve lyrics. Fans of the guilty-pleasure harmonies of the pop hits both of today and the yesteryear (but with a much needed refresh) will hopelessly fall in love with Wyvern Lingo.

She Drew The Gun + Man & The Echo

Who: The revolution of the mind is here
When: 27th February
Where: The Castle and Falcon
Tickets: £8.50

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If there ever was a time to bounce back with a quick witted fireball of a political record, its now, and it should definitely be She Drew The Gun who pull the trigger. This new record centres around liberation and empowerment, drawing to the outcast souls of this world and putting a big middle finger up to anyone in their way. And we have a strong feeling this live performance will also do just that.

Willie J Healey + Jelly Boy + The Novus

Who: Britain’s newest miserable kid.
When: 28th February
Where: The Sunflower Lounge
Tickets: £8

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It’s not every day an artist gets labelled as a ‘Satan-baiting troubadour’, yet here Willie J Healey is. Comfortingly mellow, consistently miserable, Healey is hitting the road to debut material off his new EP ‘666 Kill’ filled with hazy guitars, Elliott Smith-esque croons and a big ol’ heap of melancholy.

Jerome Thomas + Special Guests

Who: A true genre-defying artist.
When: 28th February
Where: The Cuban Embassy
Tickets: £7

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Embellishing all the ornate sections of jazz, hip hop, R&B, folk and even jungle, Jerome Thomas is an artist that breaks the boundaries of genres. Thomas is a pure vocal powerhouse, headlining sold out shows across the Big Smoke along with an impressive string of festivals.

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