Saturday, April 20, 2024

Paul Cherry set to bring Chicago alt/psych to Birmingham

Bursting through the golden age of Chicago’s garage rock scene, Paul Cherewick (monikered Paul Cherry) takes a new spin on lo-fi and psych with new record ‘Flavour’.

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The D-I-Y pop ballads flicker through static TV screens, stacked on one another in dusty tech shops on Chicago side streets. The dreamy, spacey synthesiser notes add to the warm glow from Cherry’s croons. With lead single ‘Like Yesterday’ a prime example of the soft scoop croons, cloudy beats and floating rhythms.

This new record, ‘Flavour’ comes a complete reinvention of Cherry’s sound. The rusty garage sounds are swapped for what he himself describes as ‘1970’s yacht rock’. Nestled between Paul McCartney and Ariel Pink, the lo-fi pop ballads by Cherry gaze at millennial culture, modern love and missed connections.

Despite hailing from across the pond, Paul Cherry’s supports are some of Birmingham’s best. Garage psych trio The Lizards, glam/psychedelic indie outfit Cave Girl and contemporary art synth pop Liquid Cheeks are the cherry on the top (sorry) of this alt psych and lo-fi pop evening.

Paul Cherry will play Digbeth’s The Night Owl on Thursday, October 18th. Tickets are available now.


Sophie Hack

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