Manowar’s final world tour includes two UK exclusive dates in Birmingham

Manowar pay homage to the birthplace of heavy metal with two UK exclusive shows in Birmingham as part of their final ever tour.

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In a mighty doff to the birthplace of heavy metal, its most powerful proponents, the hugely muscle bound warriors of the sword, Manowar, bring their The Final Battle tour to the city for two UK exclusive dates.

Joey DeMaio and his band of immortals have valiantly wielded the mighty weapons of metal for almost four decades, on a singular quest of ultimate glory to unite Manowarriors of the world to the true cause by which humankind will be judged, the power of metal.

Unbelievers across the world have cowered beneath the bludgeoning power of songs such as the invincible and anthemic ‘Kings of Metal, from the album of the same name, or the shattering emotional thunderstrike of ‘Power of thy Sword’ from The Triumph of Steel.

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Manowar mean every word of a brutal manifesto of metal that they have been preaching since the beginning. Three times included in the Guinness Book of World Records for the loudest live performances ever, DeMaio’s warriors are relentless and all powerful. This is their last ever tour and that Birmingham is the only stop on Manowar’s last journey is as immense as the great swords wielded throughout their career against false metal. Never forget, brothers of metal, other bands play but Manowar kills.

Manowar’s only UK dates on their final tour are as follows:


19 – O2 Academy, Birmingham
20 – O2 Academy, Birmingham

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