Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Review: Funky duo, Her’s, hit Birmingham with their characteristic pizzazz

  • Liverpool based duo Her’s performed a headline show at the Hare & Hounds on Wednesday May 2nd
  • Chartreuse open the night with laid back, funky melodies, whilst one man band, Pizzagirl, prepped the crowd with 80s electronics 
  • Her’s took to the Kings Heath stage with confidence, character and a Pierce Brosnan cardboard cut-out

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Wednesday night at the Hare & Hounds was seriously brightened by three quirky, memorable acts, starting with Chartreuse. The Brummie four piece have defined their sound as indie/soul/pop and this was definitely proven with their funky tracks. The laidback vibe the group oozed suited the intimate venue perfectly as every corner of the room was filled with an infectious melody accompanied by their female singer’s hauntingly beautiful voice. Chartreuse could well have hosted the rest of the night but their set had to come to a close eventually.

Following this, the Liverpudlian one-man band, Pizzagirl, stepped onto the stage with a guitar, Macbook and a mug of lemsip. His refreshingly honest exterior created an immediate connection with the crowd and within minutes, the room was as familiar with his Subway sandwich order of choice as his voice. Pizzagirl’s one and only frontman, Liam Brown, proudly blessed the gig goers with his disco-infused tracks he explains as his hobby of “Cooking the creamiest melodies!”

‘Favourite Song’ proved the most popular track with the room singing along to the infectious lyrics: We dance in the morning / You look-in-you look into my eyes, you look into my eyes’. Other singles ‘Coffee Shop’, ‘Seabirds’ and ‘Carseat’ had the room bopping along to what felt like a retro 80s movie. With nuances akin to Birmingham band Jaws, Pizzagirl will most certainly make a return to the second city for more nostalgic tracks finished with electronic echoes.

Shortly after, Her’s took to the stage they last appeared on as a support act, but this time they were the main attraction. The unique duo come in the form of Stephen Fitzpatrick in dungarees and beanie hat, and Audun Laading in funky shirt and a tendency to become one with the bass. Taking the room through their 2017 album Songs of Her’s, the pair interacted with fans in between every track with the happy reassurance that it was just two days until the weekend. Singles ‘Marcel’ and ‘Cool With You’ oozed the dreamy pop sound Mac DeMarco and Rex Orange County fans first fell in love with. Fitzpatrick’s jangling guitar and impressive vocals fantastically correlated with Laading’s skilful bass sounds and hip-shaking moves.

The band’s quirky personas and genuine thrill for performing their creations rubbed off on the crowd massively, with every person in the room bopping in unison with cheers and laughs. Many moments marked the night as a genuinely unique one with a Pierce Brosnan cardboard cut-out acting as the third member of the group on stage. The pair’s cover of Robbie Williams ‘She’s the One’ went down a treat, along with newest single ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’ which fitted the 80s retro sound Pizzagirl prefaced their set with.

Her’s embody an absolutely perfect musical combination of pride and passion that had the crowd feeling nothing but satisfaction for booking out their Wednesday night for the show.

Millie Finn

26 year old Brummie journalist with The Twang, The Streets, The Beatles & Elton John sitting amongst my favourite music