Saturday, February 24, 2024

Review: An energetic performance by Caravan Palace in Birmingham

  • Caravan Palace played the O2 Academy, Birmingham on 18th November
  • The gig was one of only three UK tour dates
  • Support came from French duo, The Geek x Vrv

carvan_palace_o2_academy_birmingham-27Caravan Palace

The Caravan Palace gig started early to allow for the club night to begin afterwards and a prime position to see their performance was from the front row of the balcony. The support act, The Geek x Vrv, came on first and the French duo played a mash up of hip-hop beats and snippets from well known songs along with using chaos pads to overlay a hip hop beat over the mix. At this point the mixed age group crowd was slowly building and the support act had a good number of them bopping along.

carvan_palace_o2_academy_birmingham-11Caravan Palace

For the amount of instruments required by Caravan Palace, the change over was fast and the band came on with the full amount of energy expected from a band that are renowned for giving a full throttle live performance. All members were suited in their mono outfits and by their second song,  ‘Lone Diver’, the entire crowed was on board. The energy level of both the band and the audience did not falter throughout the entire event and the crowd needed no excuse to show the band their support. Caravan Palace are undoubtedly an ensemble that fuse many different musical styles together well, from the funky vibes to the deeper, dubstep inspired underpinnings.

carvan_palace_o2_academy_birmingham-1Caravan Palace

It was obvious that this was a well rehearsed gig, as soon as one of the seven band members stepped away from the front of the stage there was another one quick to run to the front and draw more excited cheers from the crowd. The attention to detail throughout the show was outstanding with the bands logo animated behind them whilst they performed a faultless, ‘Brotherswing’.

carvan_palace_o2_academy_birmingham-29Caravan Palace

Although every band member is talented at their own craft, what was more impressive was how they all worked together seamlessly to make an entertaining evening which resulted in a standing ovation that continued so long that the band themselves looked shocked at the amount of attention they were receiving. Being regulars on the summer festival circuit, this band are well known for being able to captivate a crowd and this gig was no exception.


Words and photos by Edward Taylor