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Review: Reverend & The Makers perform acoustic classics in Coventry

  • On 22nd November, Reverend and The Makers came to the Copper Rooms, Coventry to perform wholesome executions of familiar full-band tracks as part of their debut Acoustic Tour
  • Support act Liberty Ship create a storm in Coventry’s Copper Rooms.

Liberty Ship’s refined indie-pop audible identity washed over the growing crowds aboard the Copper Rooms, Coventry. Preceding Reverend and The Makers, two members of the Sheffield band performed a stripped-back, acoustic set. Despite this being a more intimate setting and following in suit of the headline, their acoustic track renditions maintained the bubbly rock n roll jangles of their original tunes. The accomplished duo brought fruity, feel-good melodies cocktailed with laid-back waves of tracks such as single; ‘Learning To Fly’. Lead singer Lewis fronted harmonious lyrical outpourings, coupled with the backing vocals and catchy riffs of lead guitarist Jack. The pair, brewing in confidence and noticeable passion for their craft, set the night off a storm and could only have left the crowd hungry to catch the rest of their ‘shipmates’ in action. A band to watch out for!

Liberty ShipLiberty Ship

The ‘Heavyweight Champion’ Jon McClure graced the stage ahead of the bubbling congregation. Getting straight to the point with the signature hit, “The Rev” accompanied by guitarist Eddie were met with the customary greetings of Reverend and The Makers followers. Painting the town with the infectious ‘Miss Brown’, Coventry warmed through.

Reverend and the MakersReverend and the Makers

Spoiling the Tuesday evening gathering with some of their greatest works, the duo created wholesome executions of the familiar full band tracks. Coventry’s Copper Rooms being around the eighth calling point of their debut Acoustic Tour and one of the few with remaining tickets, atmosphere did not lack as the congregation lapped up the stripped-back liquors.

Announcing the news that he and wife Laura are expecting a new arrival; Jon and Eddie delivered the apt tune ‘Makin Babies’. Unable to attend the show due to their forthcoming arrival, Laura’s intricate brass and key sections were replaced by the choruses of the crowds, making for a well-received sing-a-long opportunity for fans. The predominantly masculine horde hit new highs, replicating Laura’s vocals in tracks such as ‘He Said He Loved Me’. No note went unattempted, a truly impressive indication as to their contagiousness of Reverend and The Makers sounds.

rvd-and-the-makers_cooper_rooms_coventry_6Reverend and the Makers

Having recently returned from Thailand, where the band recorded their sixth album, a taste of one of their newly born bangers was offered. A fresh, vibrant melody met with almost tropical backings and was fronted by Jon’s typical lyrical prowess. One first sip it appears listeners will be able to indulge in new-fangled reasons to remain part of the “Rev Army”.

Getting down and dirty, the audience let loose to the beats of ‘The Wrestler’ dedicated to the masculine population of Warwick University Campus’ Copper Rooms. Following up with gentler air ‘What Goes Around’, putty-like followers resonated Jon’s every word on command in dedication to a close friend who was in attendance.

The close of FIFA hit ‘Shine A Light’ cued the return of Liberty Ship’s Lewis and Jack for a
crowd-pleasing collaboration. Guitarist Ed Cosens performed the harmonious ‘Last To Know’ which featured on fifth album Mirrors. Stunningly smooth vocals echoed the venue. This followed-up “The Rev’s” mention of album-listeners compliments on his voice during this track; prior to the realisation that it was in fact the vocals of Ed. Nevertheless, this tune always makes for an impressive break from the fizzy pop tunes and revitalises the tiring out-partied “banger” fans.

rvd-and-the-makers_cooper_rooms_coventry_2Reverend and the Makers

‘Bandits’ from debut album The State of Things signalled the duos ability to re-create their identity acoustically is second to none. The transmittable hooks and beats remained, the crowd returning to their excitable bouncy state. Tickling the feminine sides of the masses with ‘He Said He Loves Me’ before out-pouring the statements of ‘For Dreamers’ with beautiful conviction, fans lapped up every last note of iconic McClure.

Just before hometime ‘Silence Is Talking’ was performed on mass, the brass section once again replicated by the “The Rev’s” worshipers, sealing the unity of the 12 year old bands following. Growing up in line with the bands development, the loyal fan base of Reverend and The Makers are very much the pulse of the show. Energetic and action-packed those who are yet to see the band live can only be envious of what was unleashed before Coventry’s eyes.

Undoubtedly one of the countries greatest, Jon McClure’s tune-penning skills has never faltered. We can only imagine what Reverend and The Makers have in store with their forthcoming album release and full band returns in the new year. 2017 will get bouncy!

Photographs by Zoe Shannon