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5 ways Superman has changed over the years

Superman has to be one of the best superheroes ever created. With his trademark letter “S” emblazoned on his chest, bright red trunks and cape, and legendary hair do, who couldn’t love this amazing character? Superman is seen as a hero of all times, a working-class orphan who used his powers to take care of people in need.

Over the years, Superman has become a symbol of heroism and hope for fans around the world. But Superman has changed a lot since his very first appearance in an action comic. Here are some of the ways this amazing superhero has changed since he was first introduced in June 1938:

1.     The Origin of Superman

While many of the things about Superman’s backstory haven’t changed, his early years are constantly being re-imagined. In the original cartoon, Clark Kent became a superhero when he was a child. However, this was soon changed so that he would first become a superhero as a full-grown man.

Furthermore, Clark Kent’s parents have also died and come back to life numerous times over the years, making things a little bit confusing for new Superman fans. While Krypton’s destruction continues to be a focal point of this superhero’s origin, many of the other aspects of it have altered over the years.

2.     In Other Media

Superman is one of the oldest Superheroes around and he has evolved in many ways beyond the comic books. From the TV screens and radio series to the video games and slot games, Superman has explored a number of other forms of media, with each one putting a different spin on the character.

From movies like the Man of Steel to shows like Superman: The Animated Series, there are versions for everyone to enjoy. You can even play casino games online that are designed with a Superman theme. With such a huge choice available to choose from, even people who aren’t comic book fans can appreciate this amazing character.

3.     His Powers

As time goes by, Superman seems to get stronger and stronger. However, when he was first introduced in 1938, he didn’t have as many abilities at his disposal.

Originally, Superman could only run super-fast, leap, and lift a ridiculous amount of weight. It wasn’t until a few years later that powers like x-ray vision, heat, flight, and frost breath were added to the character. Today, it’s hard to imagine this character without all of these superpowers, but it is definitely one of the biggest changed we’ve seen of the character over the years.

4.     His Costume

While Superman’s costume may not appear to have changed very much, it has in fact gone through a number of changes over the years. While some of these changes were only intended to be temporary or serve for a specific purpose, the character’s look today is completely different from what it was when he was first introduced in comic books.

5.     No Longer the Fastest Superhero

When Superman was first introduced in 1938, he was written as being the fastest man alive. Though Superman is still considered one of the fastest superheroes in the world, he is no longer written about in the DC comics as the fastest man alive. This title has now been given to The Flash.

Today’s Superman is pretty different from the very first version of the character we saw in 1938. While some changes are fairly obvious to see, others are a little bit more obscure. Which change are you most surprised about?

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