Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Album review: Victories at Sea – Everything Forever

Released via Static Caravan Recordings, Everything Forever, the hotly anticipated debut album from Victories at Sea reveals itself, following two years of groundwork in the dark depths of Birmingham’s factory district.

The album’s opening track ‘Bloom’ provides a euphoric introduction, before revealing  Victories at Sea’s signature industrial edge. A vintage sound floods through the tracks with analogue keys and vocals reminiscent of past eras. The band pour out tales of love and loss with undeniable creativity and flair.

Creating a dark disco feel with tunes such as the hook-filled ‘Florentine,’ the band urge you to the dance floor.  A New Order vibe is present throughout, with transcending synth layered anthems and deep messages. The band create perfectly polished sounds which ebb and flow between wistful melancholy and sonically enthralling indie-pop dance floor beauties;  such as ‘Up’ and ‘Poles Apart’.

‘On Your Own’ replicates an 80’s gem with an uplifting tone, air tight guitar riffs and ever-smooth vocals.  Like a storm at sea the intricate ‘DMC’ demonstrates the bands suburban roots with a pumping rhythm, raspy guitar riffs and an engine-like synth base, before fading out to a haunting orchestral facade. The eeriness of the songs close feels somewhat representative of the abandoned steelworks,  all too familiar to the band, at nightfall.

Influences such as Factory Floor and The Chameleons are evident but with a masterpiece such as this; Victories at Sea need not be compared. On first listen the trio draw you in with easy to grasp tracks which build a hunger for the imaginable atmosphere of a live performance.

The evocative ‘Sirens’ builds to a powerful pulse-raising rapture, with vocals blanketed in a crescendo of electronic harmony. Lulling listeners into reverie every minutiae of the track takes over. Defining Victories at Sea’s acumen this tracks heavily layered sound explores emotion whilst reminding of their industrialized roots.  A percussive burst of disco provides comfort as the song continues to explore new depths. The final echo confirming the brilliance of this album enticing you to press repeat.

With Everything Forever proving to be a circus of emotion, musical prowess and individuality, it can only be a matter of time before the band sweep over the music scene and identify themselves as Birmingham’s next musical victors! Submerging the listener in dark, polished jewels, the album spoils ears with timeless hook-filled treasures.

Everything Forever is released October 30th via Static Caravan.