EP review: George Gadd – Sweet Tea

The title of George Gadd’s EP is something of a misnomer; for songs this downtrodden, you need something stronger. You can imagine Gadd hunched over some mothballed saloon, whiskey in hand, trying to decipher his life like some sort of Noah Baumbach home movie.

If another indie flick about self-reflection is released soon, they really need to give Gadd a Bebo hook-up. The title track is perfect for introspection; containing a dusty acoustic riff and Gadd’s impassioned howl, it’s sweet and devastating at the same time. Zach Braff, take note.

It’s clear a huge influence on Gadd is Conor Oberst, so it’s no surprise the flipside is a Bright Eyes cover. Recorded on his phone, thankfully the crackly quality embellishes his fractured take on ‘You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will’, and you can only imagine Saddle Creek purring into their bran muffins.

Gadd’s tracks invoke a wonderful amount of imagery, something the great songwriters can do with aplomb, and with handwritten lyrics with each purchase, it gives you something else to think about.

George Gadd’s Sweet Tea EP is out now – buy it here.

Samuel Lambeth

Tied to the '90s. I love anything with a good melody. Favourite acts include DIIV, Best Coast, Wavves, MBV, The Lemonheads, Bully, Pavement, Weezer, Wolf Alice, Mac DeMarco and Dinosaur Jr.