Thursday, May 30, 2024

Review: PUP pack a punch at a sold-out Rainbow Cellar

  • PUP brought their latest record to Birmingham on Tuesday August 30th, on what was a hot and sweaty night in the Rainbow Cellar
  • The band joke with the crowd about Birmingham’s “nipple building” and reminisce on a previous show at the Flapper
  • Crowdsurfers soar over heads as PUP plough through fan-favourites

With the release of ‘The Dream Is Over’ back in May, PUP garnered a reputation as one of the most vital acts around. Headlining at The Rainbow Cellar, the band showcased exactly why that is. Tearing through a set of fan favourites the Toronto outfit kept the room in continuous uproar.

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Pup at the Rainbow Cellar in Birmingham

Opening with the fiery duo of ‘If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will’ into ‘DVP’ from their storming second album, the momentum doesn’t let down for a moment. ‘Dark Days’ paves the way for ‘My Life Is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier’. The problems of the outside world remain beyond the venue doors as a tightly packed room full of people scream “I’ve had enough” along with the band, letting loose their inhibitions to some of the most raucous sounds.

Pup at the Rainbow Cellar in Birmingham

Laughing and joking between songs – discussing Birmingham’s famous “nipple building” and their first venture to the city performing at The Flapper – the groups spirits are as elated as the limbs of the crowdsurfers that soar over heads.

Dark, hot, and sweaty, PUP are at their best. A ‘fuck you’ to the notions of growing up and settling down, their live show surges with all the vitality of a spirit set free. ‘Guilt Trip’, ‘Mabu’ and the rapturous ‘Yukon’ all receive outings before the group close on the gleefully ramshackle ‘Reservoir’.

Pup at the Rainbow Cellar in Birmingham

Staying on the stage to air a cover of Weezer’s ‘El Schorcho’, the enthusiasm in the room is so weighted you can practically taste it in the air. Stumbling out the door to reality, there’s not a one who isn’t left feeling better off.

Photographs by Paul Reynolds