Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Xbox Games Showcase Announced: Will It Be A Success?

More gaming news to bring you from Counteract, specifically for fans of Microsoft. The American tech giants will be hoping this latest showcase will stir up some interest in their hardware and Game Pass service, as currently, they are still falling behind market leader Sony. Microsoft has finally set the stage for its highly anticipated Xbox summer showcase and the date has been revealed for  June 9th. This information came from the company’s official channels so now all that’s left for fans to do is wait in anticipation. This event promises an exciting array of announcements and reveals, including an in-depth look at the next instalment of the renowned Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty Direct: Unveiling the Next Chapter

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While Microsoft has only teased the upcoming Call of Duty Direct as “the next instalment of a beloved franchise,” insider sources confirm that Call of Duty will indeed take centre stage. This marks a significant collaboration between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, a collaboration that has so far worked well for both parties since the acquisition. The main victory of course is that Microsoft can make Call Of Duty an Xbox exclusive, although there is currently an agreement in place with Sony to allow the game to continue on the rival brand’s platform. 

This showcase isn’t just about Call of Duty. Microsoft has big plans to unveil games from across Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, and its own Xbox Game Studios. Among the highlights is the anticipated announcement of a new Gears of War title. If a new Gears of War is announced I feel it’s been long enough to get excited about that particular franchise again. It had gotten a little stale, but I loved the first three games, and if they get the next Gears game right it may well become the system-seller that Bethesda’s Starfield was supposed to be. 

What’s Coming When?

Expect to hear plenty of release dates during the showcase, including updates on titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Avowed, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Plus, fans can anticipate news about the Shattered Space expansion for Starfield, slated for release in September, according to Bethesda’s Todd Howard (Please fix your games, Todd, I love them so much but they are very broken).

Setting the Stage for 2025

I’m personally hoping this showcase doesn’t feature too many live service games. Xbox needs some real innovation and creativity. I think that Game Pass is an excellent service and the platform does have some wonderful games, but nothing innovative has been released by an exclusive Xbox game studio in quite some time. The latest Halo was also a disaster, even if the multiplayer was still relatively solid. 

With more games on display than last year’s showcase, Microsoft aims to give fans a glimpse into what’s in store for the 2025 lineup. This includes launch dates for highly anticipated Xbox games, building anticipation for the future of gaming on the platform. They need to stick the landing with this one, the 360 era was so wonderful. I would rank the Xbox 360 days as my second favourite generation of gaming (the first being the PS2 era), and even though I may sound overly critical here I would love Xbox to get back to those heights. 

I don’t buy into the console wars, I believe that it is better when both are at the top of their game (pun intended) as better games are a product of good competition. I am yearning for the days of the PS2 and Original Xbox Era where everything that came out seemed like a huge leap forward. Of course, there is also a chance my old age has hardened my heart and I just enjoy things less now, but I don’t want to talk about that. I will save that for my therapist. 

Following the main showcase, Microsoft will treat fans to a special deep dive into the upcoming instalment of a beloved franchise. While details are scarce, the company compares it to last year’s Starfield Direct, hinting at an immersive experience for fans of the mystery franchise.

How to Watch

Mark your calendars for June 9th, 2024, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm BST, as Microsoft streams the Xbox Games Showcase live. Fans can catch The showcase in over 30 languages, including American Sign Language and English Audio Descriptions and will be broadcast on YouTube, and also covered on other YouTube channels such as IGN and other similar outlets.