Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Single Review: Shai Brides – Little Things

Counteract has been given the pleasure of reviewing Shai Brides’ latest banger “Little Things”. The band has gained a reputation for weaving intricate narratives into danceable melodies. They are 100% a politically charged band and tackle a wide range of subjects with their music. The band is a well-fused five pieces, and, Meghan Avery on vocals and synthesizers, Sam Cheeseright on guitars, Thom Dent on vocals and guitars, Lily Stott on bass, and Cameron Williams on drums complement each other perfectly.

The Tracks Message

The band’s latest tune delves into the weighty theme of grappling with the climate crisis. The band describe this as a burden thrust upon a generation saddled with the responsibility for a problem they did not create. This release follows hot on the heels of their previous singles, “Gatling Gun” and “Don’t Matter,” which garnered acclaim from BBC Introducing and secured a spot in the Official Charts’ “new releases” roundup towards the end of 2023.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Little Things,” Thom shares, “‘Little Things’ is about how overwhelmed and powerless we feel about our inability to stop the climate crisis. Having the hard work passed onto us, the next generation, given responsibility for problems caused by a system we didn’t get a choice in creating.” Meghan adds, “This song’s about how it feels like there’s nothing we can do, and how the hugeness of the climate crisis makes us feel paralysed.”

The track was recorded under the guidance of Martin King at Eve Studios, known for his work with luminaries such as Everything Everything and New Order, these new tracks signal a new evolution for Shai Brides, whose brand of indie-pop is commended for its innovation and inventiveness. 

Our Impressions

The song sucks you in instantly, starting with an acapella led by vocalists Meghan Avery and Thom Dent, then the drums and the drums and guitar kick in and the sounds blend wonderfully. I was personally impressed by Thoms’s vocal range, he can change the pitch of his voice when belting out the verses which I think gives the track a little something extra. Thom’s vocals are superbly complimented by Meghan’s who adds an extra layer to the overall sound of the vocals. 

The guitar and synths blend seamlessly and my foot was tapping from, beginning to end while listening to this one. I stuck it one while cooking dinner during one of my listens preparing to write this article, and found myself prancing around the kitchen using a panpot as a drum so it’s fair to say I enjoyed this one on a personal level. I’m now almost certain to get myself to a show when I get the chance so I can have a few beers and a boogie while listening to music about the human race’s possible impending doom. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

The music video is dope as well, you can check that out here

What’s next?

Having already captivated audiences with their “addictive” live performances supporting acts like Spector, JAWS, and Larkins, Shai Brides are set to take centre stage at London’s The Grace on May 11th, with additional dates across the UK on the horizon, including a top-secret, record-capacity headliner at London’s Colours Hoxton later this year.

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