Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Games To Play Now: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion

Final Fantasy is probably my favourite game series of all time. I say probably because I switch between the acclaimed JRPG series and Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid titles constantly. This is due to my need for decisiveness. I just find it so hard to choose. It’s like going to a restaurant with a fantastic menu. I have the same problem with this situation, too …

I enjoyed playing the original Crisis Core on the PSP when it dropped in 2007. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me sit in his house and play the game, as I didn’t own Sony’s handheld console at the time.

The remaster of Crisis Core is superb; the graphics are on par with any PS4 game (although you notice that some of the scenery isn’t as well rendered, this is understandable. The job they have done is tremendous. The combat has had a complete overhaul and feels like a modern game.

The sleek mission design still works as well. It breaks the game into bite-sized chunks so you can have an extended gaming session or play for thirty minutes if you just want a quick blast on your PlayStation.

With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth just around the corner (the game drops on the 29th of February), it’s an essential time to go back and play this game as the story will tie into the Rebirth. As we know, Zach is back now, so it’ll be easier to hold back the tears when it comes to watching THAT ending when finishing the Crisis Core Reunion.