Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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AEW’s MJF Wraps Filming on Major New Movie Role

Maxwell Jacob Friedman recognised as MJF in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and a former world champion, is slated to appear in the upcoming comedic film Floaters. The movie features an impressive ensemble cast, including Aya Cash, known for her role in The Boys. Everyone I know loves The Boys! Seth Green also stars with Steve Guttenberg, Jonathan Silverman, and Dan Ahdoot. The film’s storyline has been outlined already (numerous sources have confirmed this).

Floaters is co-written by Brent Hoff, Andra Gordon, and Amelia Brain. The plot revolves around Nomi (portrayed by Tohn), a struggling musician who reluctantly takes on a job at the request of her ambitious best friend Mara (played by Podemski). The task involves mentoring a unique group of campers, the Floaters, at a Jewish summer camp they attended during childhood. In the face of financial challenges and competition from a rival camp, Nomi, the Floaters, and Mara must overcome their differences to unite the community and save the camp.

MJF’s involvement in the wrestling scene has been hiatus since his title loss to Samoa Joe at Worlds End, primarily attributed to multiple injuries necessitating a break. Previously, MJF had a brief role in the A24 film The Iron Claw, centred around the Von Erich wrestling family, where he also served as an executive producer.

MJF is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business right now, and his transition to the big screen has been quite natural, so I am excited to see how this movie turns out now he has finally finished filing his scenes. Stay tuned for more movie news.