Albrighton: The hidden village of sound

When you think of places like Albrighton, you think ‘what a quaint little village’ and ‘isn’t it so quiet and peaceful here?’. Well you’d be right about the first part, but Albrighton certainly isn’t always quiet. In fact, for such a little village tucked away in the countryside, it has got quite a music scene developing. So much so, that music lovers from across the county venture into Albrighton just for the love of good old-fashioned live music.

Albrighton is bursting at the seams with events, venues and artists. Venture into the little village and you’ll find entertainment wherever you go. The Next Door Bar holds live music every Friday night, ranging from acoustic performances to more rock’n’roll bands. The Bar has taken pride in providing live music since it opened and there’s no signs of it slowing down. In fact, the bar plays host to several events scattered across the year. The Party In The Yard takes place in September and acts as the village’s primary music festival, the Halloween bash (and yes, complete with fancy dress) and the New Year’s Eve event. All shows come complete with live music and a warm friendly atmosphere.

If you prefer something a bit more traditional, look no further than the Shrewsbury Arms, a local pub that hosts live performances on Fridays and Saturdays. The Shrew (as it is affectionately known) relies more on acoustic artists and this plays well to the venue- the easier music is better suited to the environment so you can listen along while you dine!

The Platform Ale House is something different altogether. Located on the edge of the village, The Platform is ideally suited for commuters getting back from work or for visitors to make their first – or last- drink of the day. The venue hosts open-evening sessions and invites musicians and artists from all over the county to come and perform. It makes for an unforgettable evening and helps to expose brand new talent.

Jazz Club 90, that takes place every Sunday in the Albrighton Sports and Social Club, makes for an interesting and unique afternoon. The Club has a diverse range of performers and bands, which keeps the whole event fresh, ranging from brass bands to solo singers to jazz trios. The Club, which has taken place for many years in the village, is one of the most popular events so make sure you get there early to see it all!

Events are held right across the year. The Beer Festival at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church is a unique event, with a wide selection of ales, beers and wines available and live acts performing across the two days. Summertime brings the ever-popular Fayre Day with musicians and artists performing from the early afternoon straight into the early hours and stalls and shops selling their wares throughout the day. Towards the end of the year is the Christmas Extravaganza where shops are open all day to sell last-minute gifts and presents. And yes, listen hard enough and you’ll no doubt find some live music somewhere.

Let it never be said again that Albrighton is a “quiet” village. With more venues, events and artists than you can shake a (very large) stick at, it is truly the home of good music and great entertainment that will create even better memories. Check out some of the mentioned venues websites or, better still, come on down and see what Albrighton has in store for you!

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