Monday, December 11, 2023

The Weirdest Things Rock Musicians Ever Did

Rockstars usually have crazy lives, which include some ridiculous and unexplainable things normal people don’t understand.

Musicians with such an odd lifestyle are famous for being involved in many strange or illegal situations. Thus, drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll have become the main slogan for them and created a certain reputation, making the rockstars even more popular with the fans.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what famous people can be up to when you lead a normal ordinary lifestyle. When you are busy with work and studies, having no time for your leisure activities, reading about crazy things people are able to incorporate into their lives may inspire you for some deeds. Avoid drugs and alcohol in your intentions. They have put the lives of so many talented people in danger. So many rock stars passed away due to excessive amounts of illegal substances and alcohol, which threatened the lives of so many people.

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The Craziest Rock Stars You Have Ever Read About

Almost every rockstar is known for an extreme lifestyle that sometimes threatens their careers. Many of them are famous for their behavior off the stage. You can read about it in magazines or on websites. The news which we happen to find out can be incredibly shocking for us to understand the motives of their actions. However, most of the rockstars go through hard times with dignity and deserve special attention and admiration from the fans because the music they create makes us thrilled and inspired for so many deeds. Here are the craziest things rockstars did in their lives, which made them even more popular.

Ozzy Osbourne

Do you remember Ozzy Osbourne taking the bat into his mouth while performing on the stage? It shocked the audience so much that the news got to the hottest columns in the magazines. It says that he bit the head of a mouth, although he didn’t know it was a real animal. How come he didn’t know about it? He must have been in a trance while singing his songs that he didn’t realize what crazy things he was doing. Another weird behavior he showed was snorting the ants, which are known to be poisonous, and killing not a single man on earth. Despite all of this, we can see that Ozzy is quite safe and sound, playing his music and going on tours. The Prince of Darkness surprises us not only with his strange actions but, most importantly, with the songs which are so pleasing to our hearts.

Keith Moon

The drummer of one of the most famous bands, “The Who,” was known for the crazy things he did and the extreme life he had. Unfortunately, the musician passed away many years ago. But he is still remembered because of the craziness and outrage he showed on the stage and in his life. Are you familiar with the case about a full-sized piano being thrown into the pool in one of the most fashionable hotels? Many of such actions were the implication of heavy drinking. In addition, he used to perform on the stage, being affected by alcohol.

As a consequence, the performances turned into a crazy and mind-blowing gig. Unfortunately, Moon used to mix the drinks with drugs which led to an early end. He passed out on the stage. But a 19-year-old boy from the crowd finished the set.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Chilis used to do the craziest things both on and off the stage, which brought them a lot of fame and popularity. One of the most memorable moments was when they performed naked during the gig back in 1983. The members of the band had only a sock to cover their intimate parts. It became the band’s trademark as they kept using this trick for many years of their performance until they finally grew up. You can find the footage of their strange performances online.

Keith Richards

A member of the legendary band, The Rolling Stones, has unique stories in his life that anybody could hardly believe. Nobody can beat Keith Richards when it comes to insane situations and stories. Even Mick Jagger can hardly boast with his own. Do you remember the rumors about Keith snorting and smoking his own father’s ashes? Such a thing can make your blood run cold, but many people are convinced that such a story was real. Do you think he got extra years for doing this to his father’s ashes? Nobody can tell. But one thing that remains obvious is that Keith is still alive and doing pretty well despite his extreme life.

Maryam Snape