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The best pizza places in Birmingham

Are you in a mood for pizza, especially being in Birmingham, the city full of fantastic places that would make your time the most memorable and fun?

There are plenty of places where you can get into the overall vibe and have a nice time with your friends. The bartenders are so friendly that you can interact with them and share funny stories that you would take home with you and remember for a long time. And pizza! Have you tried the most delicious pizza in Birmingham yet? If you want to be blown away at how good it is made, you should visit the most popular places where pizza is cooked like in heaven.

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The Best Restaurants in Birmingham for Pizza

Are you looking for a place where you could indulge yourself with a slice of a fantastic pizza? Birmingham has so many options to offer you that it may be only hard to find time to attend all the amazing restaurants and bars with the most friendly and hospitable bartenders and remarkable service, as the alternatives are countless.

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Rudy’s Pizzeria, city centre

Are you in search of a slice of a real dolce vita that can bring you happiness and joy for the rest of the day? This place has something to offer you to put you in a good mood. Once you enter the Pizzeria, you will immerse yourself into the magnificent atmosphere of pleasure and joy as the smells which come from the kitchens attract people even from long distances. Rudy’s is where you would feel at home and enjoy the best pizza, which is cooked with soft, light, and floppy dough. Some visitors of the restaurant think that there is no other place where pizza is so nice. The most frequent order includes the Calabrese – tomato, fior di latte, basil, and spicy sausages that melt into the pizza. All are served up in a fun environment to make you enjoy it.

Otto Pizzeria

One more place that would definitely make your day and create a special vibe for you to have fun is Otto Pizzeria. Pizza lovers have to travel outside the city to reach this place. Despite this little inconvenience for some people, as moving away from the city center may seem a bit isolating, you will be rewarded with the best pizza you have ever tasted. The owner of Otto Pizzeria, Chris James, took care of including only fresh and high-quality ingredients into the dishes. So be sure that your pizza will be cooked to utter perfection. If you want to try something unfamiliar and unique, go for the divine nduja, chorizo, and honey. You can also include some braised pork cheek to make it exclusive and enjoy it completely.

The Stable

Pizzas at the Stable are great. You have no idea what pleasure it is to order the special dish in this restaurant until you have a chance to try it. There is the greatest range of varieties you can choose from to satisfy your needs and requirements. One of the most popular orders here is Longhorn Jim with marinated ground beef, chorizo, field mushrooms, mozzarella, and red onion topped with lump ham hock. Moreover, you will find a variety of vegan-friendly pizzas, as the order contains plenty of choices for everybody. And the quality of the dishes is amazing, even the orders which don’t imply meat tastes wonderful for those who eat beef and pork. And it’s all about the best cheese they use for cooking dishes which are excellent here.

La Vera Wood Oven Pizzeria, city centre

This place is not only for vegetarians and vegans, although it has the widest variety of meals for those who are tolerant to animals and treat them as friends. If you don’t belong to this group of people, you will also find something special to indulge yourself in. The place offers you a high-speed pizza that is freshly made with a wide range of possible ingredients. It’s up to you to choose. Whether you think pineapple belongs to pizza, you can order it. Or Italian Hawaii pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pineapple, and chicken. No problem, you’ve got it. More authentic recipes are also available for those who value the traditional taste and style with olives and oregano.