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The 15 greatest British and Irish video games

Playing video games is a new trend, not just for young people, adults are also being swept by the new craze. As Kate Richardson, a sports bets expert points out video games became popular among the Irish and British populations during the pandemic and this trend has continued ever since. She adds that just as the number of people seeking Ireland betting apps has increased so are those who are looking for great games to keep them engaged during their free time. According to Kate, video games provide a similar thrill to wagering for the favorite teams. Sports betting sites are alive to this matter and they are providing punters with the experience that they would get out of video games. To show the level of popularity of video games some are even playing them as a career. In this video, we explore the fifteen British and Irish greatest video games.

1. Resident Evil Village

Kate Richardson, who apart from being a great fan of Ireland betting also happens to be an avid lover of video games says she enjoys playing Resident Evil Village. She hails it as one of the video games that any player out there should look for when looking for a mixture of action, fright, and adventure. Kate says she has reviewed the video game and cannot hesitate to give it a high score as it not only keeps her glued to the screen but also provides great experience and satisfaction. Kate has reviewed other games as well as loads of sports betting platforms where she provides valuable information for bettors. Her profile and some of the articles she has written on several topics can be accessed here. Back to the video game, the Resident Evil Village is about Ethan Winters, a man whose daughter has been taken away in a monster-haunted village.

2. Battlefield 2042

Part of the Battlefield series, this video game was released late last year but remains one of the favorites among Irish and British fans. Available on several platforms including Xbox series X and S, Microsoft Windows, and Play Station 4 and 5 among others, the video game is a first-person shooter.

3. Call of Duty: Vanguard

This is another first-person shooter game in the Call of Duty series that players get a lot of fun and excitement. It is a video game that gives the players a feel of the World War II setting. Apart from the fun, players are also promised interesting and balanced gameplay.

4. Core Keeper

For those who love the thrill, this is a game that has been keeping them busy. It may be two years old, but the interesting and balanced gameplay that it has provided the players keeps them glued to the screen longer than anticipated.

5. Pokeman Legend: Arceus 

Some players describe it as the best in the Pokeman Legend series. It gives the players a new kind of adventure, a perfect blend of action and exploration. Those who have reviewed it keep a player at the edge of the sit and hours will pass without even noticing.

6. Uncharted: the legacy of thieves

For those who missed the release of the previous games in the Uncharted series including:

  • Uncharted 4
  • Lost Legacy 
  • Nathan Drake collection

The legacy of thieves will blow their minds, it is a game that will not only provide fun but also great adventure and thrill.

7. Super Mario 3D world

This is a game that both kids and adults will enjoy. It is more popular than the previous versions in the series. Those who have enjoyed the game quote its characters and gameplay as some of the things that pulled them to the video game.

8. Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales

It is a popular game among players in Britain and Ireland with some of the factors that attract players being its technical masterpiece and also the fact that it loads easily providing the players with a flawless switch.

9. Fortnite

Among the games that we have mentioned in our list, this is one of the best when it comes to controls and gameplay. Players describe them as easy to understand. The same goes for graphics and sound, the two components provide a great gaming experience.

10. Card Shark

It is one of the latest releases; the game is reviewed as the most enjoyable tense stealth piece. It is one video game where you will not be asked to sneak past guards, instead, a player will be dropped into the shoes of a servant, team up and cheat idiots out of their money.

11. OlliOlli World

This is another skateboarding game series that promises players similar thrill, excitement, and fun as Tony Hawk, the addictive piece provides players with the wildest dreams.

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s revenge

Although it is similar to the previous version, this video game has made a few updates including a progression that is character based. Players are also rewarded for completing challenges at each level.

13. Trek to Yoni

Set in the Edo era in Japan, the video game has an outstanding striking art style and fixed camera which turn the sword battle into a fun filled adventure.

14.  Rollerdrome

Players will not have a hard time imagining the pitch meeting that gave the Rollerdrome. The stylish mix of extreme sports and arena combat provides the player with rollerblades and weapons that come in handy as the game progresses.

15. Stray

Here players will experience life as a stray cat that is stuck in a city full of weird creatures, this time- robots. The game delivers players’ simple cat pleasures, pawing stuff, and lots of slinking.


Irish and British video game players and enthusiasts are not short of action. More games are out in 2022 providing them with the experience they need as they enter a new year of gaming.

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