Friday, June 21, 2024

Summer is a time of change. Shopping with pleasure with GotToShop

Summer is the chance to show off! Warmth makes this season the best for changes and optimising your wardrobe. How to match both comfort and attractiveness when it’s boiling hot? It’s a good idea to surf through the platforms like GotToShop for your new summer outfits!

Your safe wardrobe

First of all, you have to care not about your appearance but your health. Start with changing your lifestyle for the sake of safety. Every year on the second Monday of May, World Melanoma Day is celebrated to raise awareness of melanoma, one of the most dangerous cancers. To prevent melanoma and premature ageing, it is important to use sun protection for your body and face. You can use sunscreen creams for your face and body, sunglasses for your eyes and hats for the head. Purchasing these accessories can improve your outfits and make them look more sophisticated.

Also, you can cover your skin with clothes. Usually, in summer, people wear sleeveless tops and shorts. And you may have believed that it’s difficult to wear clothes that cover your skin as much as possible during a heatwave: trousers, long sleeve shirts and so on. But try to pay attention to light fabrics, such as:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Viscose
  • Muslin

These materials are light and breathable. Wearing long linen trousers and a shirt protects your skin even more than wearing exposed clothes and sunscreen. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe, which is why you will not get hot, and protect your skin thoroughly at the same time. It is satisfying that those fabrics are light and airy, which would benefit your relaxed summer outfits and make you look even more magnificent and tender. Remember to choose the colour you wear correctly and avoid heat-absorbing dark ones. Imagine yourself in a light-coloured elegant costume and go shopping!

Must-Haves for your summer outfits

As for every season, there is a basic set of items which would improve your attractiveness and style. Go shopping for those, which would highlight your authenticity and natural beauty by choosing the correct shape.

  • A little white dress. Same as a little black dress, the white one is going to look enchanting on your tanned body with the nice set of accessories. 
  • Floral pattern. It may be a T-shirt, trousers, or shorts, but mostly dresses with such patterns look extremely cheerful, tender and relaxed.
  • Any top with bare shoulders. This trend has been taking over social media since winter. A light bare-shouldered top or dress with a necklace looks feminine, elegant, and graceful.
  • The Beach Tote. Use it not only for the beach but with any outfit. It will make you look more summery and relaxed.

Remember: you are always a perfect 10

This summer is the time to forget about insecurities in clothes. We encourage you to love yourself and wear any shape, size or length, which appeals to you. Around 91% of women feel unsatisfied with their bodies and may even be insecure about wearing bikinis at the beach. If you are among them, try to think who will judge you, if all of them are insecure? Change your perception and buy another bikini with pleasure!

Try to develop your personal style, which should reflect your personality. It should be unique and suitable for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns, and shapes you haven’t tried before.

Dress your beloved ones up

You could have seen these flattering videos with moms, whose outfits match their offspring or husband. Apply all of the tips to your family so that their wardrobe is also going to be functional and safe. Take your husband shopping and buy yourself matching muslin shirts. 

Children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun, so make sure you protect them from the sun appropriately with the previous advice. Avoid skin-tight items, choose loose ones to allow free movement and let the skin breathe. The child’s comfort and protection are essential.

Remember that your family may have another taste. Your children may not want to wear natural fabric but nice prints, or your husband may not like to be in your favourite shirt. Listen to them and protect your family naturally.