Saturday, July 20, 2024

Birmingham Artist MrASingh Hits Milestone with 50th Sculpture Generating £170K for UK Charities

Amrit Singh, professionally known as MrASingh, has become a prominent figure in the UK art scene, seamlessly blending philanthropy with creativity. Since his full-time art career took flight in 2017, Singh has crafted 50 public art sculptures, with his latest creation, a pair of elephants destined for Staffordshire, set to support St Giles Hospice. This ongoing initiative has raised an impressive £170,000 for charities and hospices across the UK.

MrASingh’s venture into public art trials has evolved into a significant philanthropic endeavour. Each artwork transcends mere aesthetics; it becomes a powerful vehicle for charity. Singh’s creations are auctioned after public displays, with the entire proceeds channelled into supporting charitable causes. 

A Legacy of Generosity

Amrit Singh’s commitment to merging art with charity sets a notable precedent. His creative endeavours have raised substantial funds for various causes and inspired others to think creatively about using their talents for the greater good. Singh’s legacy continues to grow as his 50th art piece prepares to debut.

The success of MrASingh’s philanthropic art projects is a powerful reminder of the role of creativity in supporting communities. As the elephant sculptures prepare to grace Staffordshire, they symbolize both Singh’s artistic talent and the collective goodwill art can inspire. With each piece auctioned, Singh’s work has left a lasting impression on the art world and the charities it benefits. In 2024, his creations will captivate audiences in Blackpool, Cambridge, Canary Wharf, Eastbourne, Lichfield, Maidstone, Oxford, Southampton, Sutton Coldfield, and Tamworth. If you are in the area, check it out and give it a go!