Saturday, April 13, 2024

Benjamin Zephaniah Memorial Set To Be Revealed To The Public

In a tribute to the late writer, poet, and actor Benjamin Zephaniah, a new mural is poised to adorn Handsworth Park in Birmingham, celebrating his life and activism. Zephaniah, a proud Brummie hailing from Handsworth, passed away at the age of 65 in December, following an eight-week battle with a brain tumour.

Commissioned by the Black Heritage Walks Network (BHWN) and brought to life by artist Bunny Bread, the mural is scheduled to be unveiled on April 14th. Adorning one side of the Sons of Rest building, the artwork aims to honour Zephaniah as a revered figure in the community, hailed as “the people’s champion” of Handsworth.

Completed in March, the mural is a collaborative effort involving artist Bunny Bread, historian Dawn Carr from Black History Arts & More, the local community, and Zephaniah’s family. Dawn Carr, reflecting on Zephaniah’s legacy, emphasised his boundless love, creativity, courage, and humanity, underscoring his role as a grassroots advocate for the marginalised.

Bunny Bread, representing Create Not Destroy, lauded Zephaniah’s unwavering commitment to his causes, contrasting his genuine dedication with the trend of seeking followers and likes. According to Bread, Zephaniah was a true advocate for the people, evident in his music, poetry, and activism.

The unveiling ceremony for the mural is set to take place at the Sons of Rest building in Handsworth Park at 15:00 BST on April 14th, according to a BHWN spokesperson. This mural follows another tribute to Zephaniah, unveiled earlier in March by easyJet at Birmingham Airport, further cementing his legacy in his beloved city.