Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Ultimate Beatles Tracks: Our Top Picks


The Beatles are synonymous with Britain and are a massive reason rock and roll has developed into what it is today. The band pioneered the genre, and their music catalogue is unparalleled when stacked up with most artists. Banger after banger after banger. When selecting the Liverpudlian’s best tracks, though, this can (and should) cause much debate as there is so much fantastic music to choose from. So, instead of trying to rank them in a particular order or create a definitive list, why not ask some members of the public what their favourite Beatles song is and why they connect with it? So that’s what we’re going to take a look at here. I’ve asked a wide range of people from different backgrounds and age ranges to keep things interesting, and I’ll include my favourite track as well so you can go nuts in the comments and tell me why my choice sucks.

Of course, if you want to join the discussion and tell me your favourite track and why that would be amazing, I would be all ears! I would add to those to whom this applies. We know why Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is your favourite; there is no judgment here (wink, wink). Anyway, let’s take a look at some tunes.

Callum, Age: 34, Location: Stafford U.K – Let it be

“If I had to choose one particular song, I would have to go with Let It Be.
I think it’s a great message about not worrying too much about things in life and learning to go with the flow and take things as they come. Apparently, the song is inspired by a dream Paul McCartney had about his mother, Mary. She appeared in a dream to tell him not to worry, and that’s how the seeds were planted for the track. For me, it’s always a bit of a tearjerker. Plus, his mum was dead, so it’s a bit of a tearjerker as, at this point, Paul’s mother had passed away. |I also feel it has an underlying spiritual element too. Sort of a double meaning in a biblical sense of the mother Mary as well”.

“The song itself is masterful, Paul’s voice on the track is epic, and the melodies fit the song’s tone and theme beautifully. Honestly, even though they have so many great songs to choose from, this was an easy choice for me”.

Steven, Age: 67 Location: Stoke On Trent, U.K – The Long and Winding Road

“The Long and Winding Road for Me sticks out; written, of course, by Paul McCartney and was released soon after the band split, so that is a core memory for me as I remember being gutted when the band parted ways.”
Another interesting fact is that this is the last number-one single in the States. I could go on about Beatles facts all day, so I’ll stop before I take up too much of your time”.

“What I love about the song is that it is Simple but beautiful, and I love the string instrumental section; that is the standard part for me. Sometimes, I just fast-forward to that part of the song and give it a listen. I hope people don’t think this is me doing the rest of the track a disservice, as I love it all, but it’s just a particular thing I like to do.”

Naida, Age: 28 Location: Guildford U.K – Octopuses Garden

“This may be a bit of a cliche choice, but I adore this song. It brings back so many childhood memories for me, and I remember my dad playing it in the car and my brother and I singing along to it with my old man. I also have a thing for defending Ringo; he is a very underrated band member. People like to criticise him (especially his drumming), but he’s such a vital part of The Beatles.”

“Abbey Road is my favourite album; I’m sure that is the same for many people, and younger generation fans such as myself, as it is the most famous and what I was introduced to first. The whole song is a massive nostalgia kick for me, and I don’t know a single human being on God’s green earth that doesn’t sign along when it’s played. Sorry, it’s not the most inventive of choices, but it is mine. The Beatles are timeless and one of the few bands whose music holds up to anyone else from any generation; I’d say the same thing about David Bowie.”

Taylor, Age: 30 Location: Baltimore U.S.A – Here comes the Sun

“This song just makes me happy; what more can I say? I am not a huge Beatles fan, so I don’t know much about their music besides the famous tracks, but I smile every time I hear this song. I’m an avid skydiver, and this makes me think of being at the drop zone and the clouds passing so we can jump again. As for the interesting fact you asked of me about the track, I looked some information up, and apparently, George Harrison wrote this one at Eric Clapton’s house while skipping a band meeting, which I found hilarious. I’m a digital nomad, so I also have some tricks up my sleeve when it comes to getting out of work-related meetings to partake in more fun activities”.


Carl, Age: 34 Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Come Together

Okay, so back to me (I’m the guy who did the intro for this article, who said it’s acceptable to be ridiculed in the comments for my choice of song). I’ve noticed we have a lot of songs from Abbey Road here, and I’m not going to buck that trend. It’s just how things have worked out.

This is a Song written by John Lennon, though, and that’s a first for this list. If not, I stand corrected. For me, the bass guitar and the chorus slap. I stick this on before a big event or play it in the car when I go to the ground to watch Spurs. Please don’t ask me why it’s become part of the match day ritual. It just has.

What is remarkable about this track is it was written at the request of American psychologist Timothy Leary. Leary visited Lennon while he and his wife Yoko were protesting the war in Vietnam and asked him to write a song based on his campaign slogan Come Together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading people’s takes on their favourite Beatles tracks. Let me know yours down below.