Friday, June 21, 2024
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Headache Are Going To Abduct Our Ears In A Good Way

When you are running a website that is dedicated to finding new music and helping promote up-and-coming talent, you do have to do some digging at times, or there are times you just get lucky and a new band falls straight into your lap. This was the case with Headache.

I was just sitting on my Instagram feed doom-scrolling as we all do from time to time, then this two-piece band popped up with a unique but familiar sound. There was a catchy guitar riff, some dude doing the robot and that pop-punk vibe that I gravitate towards. I was hooked instantly so I figured why not shoot these two lads a message and see if they fancy being featured on the website. They said yes and here we are!

Who Are Headache?

Headache is a band that manages to sound old and new at the same time. Their tracks are a mix of distorted power chords raging over a whirlwind of electronics, punctuated by the angsty vocals of Button and Bannister, who alternate between catchy melodies, smooth rapping and aggressive screaming, with lyrics that range from profane to profound.

They market themselves as a cross between bands like Alien Ant Farm and Good Charlotte and while this influence definitely shines through with their music, to give them credit they also have their own unique sound that manages to help them stand apart from their musical influences. They are 100% self-produced and their debut EP Something More is available to listen to now (we will provide the links below)


The debut single and the first track of the EP is called Afterparty. This is the song that reeled me in on Instagram and had me sliding into the band’s DM’s (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy). There is a fantastic mix of guitar here, the riffs are mega catchy and the lyrics flow over them like warm butter. It’s a pretty raunchy track and the lyrics are suggestive, to say the least, but if you are a fan of the bands I Listed above Headache is one to watch out for.

Finding a band that is in its infancy that already sounds so professional is very rare in this industry, that is probably the biggest compliment I can give the band. I’m sure that they will go on from strength to strength and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them.

Current Plans

I did ask the lads if we could send one of our team don to cover one of their gigs if they happened to be playing any shows in The Midlands, but unfortunately, they currently aren’t on tour. I’m guessing while taking a break from playing shows they will be perfecting their craft and will hopefully be gracing us with some fantastic new music in the near future. Once they do hit the road though, Counteract will keep you lovely humans in the loop so you can catch a show. Gibe them a listen


Spotify link HERE