EP: Women – Sleepin’ Blues

WomenIt was with an announcement and a flourish that Women unleashed their debut EP. Indeed, in the case of this release, it would seem that ‘unleash’ is the only word for it. Sure, the record might only clock in at a mere nine minutes in length, but what it’s what it does with those nine minutes that matters.
“And what exactly is that” you ask? As the storming riffs, thunderous percussion, and gruffly screeched vocals resound through your speakers, you know you’re in for a tumultuous ride. Rocking rhythms form a solid foundation throughout, whilst dual guitars battle and entwine. The eerie ‘-interlude-‘ provides a moment of composure amidst the chaos, before closing track ‘Women’ (a five minute cataclysm of hooks, riffs, and refrains) draws Sleepin’ Blues to a close.
Women are rough, they’re raw, and they’re raring to go. As for their debut EP, we’d compare it to a wild animal – it’s savage, and what’s more, it’s free.
You can download Sleepin’ Blues through Women’s bandcamp, here.