Saturday, April 13, 2024

EP: Superfood – MAM

Last year Superfood were Birmingham’s big secret with a big hype even before the release of the eponymous track ‘Superfood’ and now a year later with the release of EP MAM it’s clear why everyone got so excited.
Opening MAM is their last single ‘TV’ and it’s everything you could want. Gritty, raw cries of “I could never sleep without the TV on” from vocalist Dominic Ganderton takes you back to the Britpop-fueled 90s which is followed up by the loud, unrestrained guitars and drums which never seem to tame themselves. Don’t forget the inaudible shrieks near the end – would it be Superfood without them? Carrying it on in the same cut-throat manner is ‘Bubbles’ but the temporary halts in tempo break it up a bit adding a hushed tone. You’d expect it to become subdued and finally take a turn towards the low-key but forget that, it’s just creating a bit of suspense for the next time the raucous returns.
‘Melting’ follows on but leaving a softer mark than the previous tracks. Every band has that song that you feel the need to have that deep, meaningful think to and Superfood have already got theirs. The screams have been forgotten about and the guitars contrast from being untamed before to being short and precise. Half way through everything goes back to the familiar with the drums taking over with the bass and guitars gradually becoming louder. Finishing it all off is new track ‘Houses On The Plain’ and it’s all changed. The EP has gradually calmed itself from beginning to end and it’s 100% worked. The vocals have gone all husky but kept the same chaotic riffs we all know and love. They’ve stuck with the 90s label they’ve been given. You can just imagine Cher from Clueless choosing what colour tartan 2-piece she’ll be wearing today while listening to ‘Houses On The Plain’ through her portable CD player.
Superfood have broken out of the so called B-Town scene and made it their own; the release of their debut EP will without a doubt make everyone go crazy for everything Birmingham again.
Superfood are currently on tour with We Are Scientists. For tickets & more information, click here.