Sunday, July 21, 2024

EP: Peace – EP Delicious

Arguably Birmingham’s best product of this year, Peace have released the highly rated EP Delicious. Let’s see how it tastes.
Frontman Harrisson Koisser (I know right, awesome stage name) leads this ambitious alternative/indie four piece into a tidily formed project which gets proceedings underway with ‘Ocean’s Eye’; a touch of hip-hop rock psychedelia that doesn’t sound out of place (Stone Roses and Primal Scream sprung to the mind). Proceeding was the much talked about ‘Bloodshake’, formerly named ‘bblood’. Just a hint of surf music interlinking a four minute cheery indie track makes good listening, but not yet one definitive house sound. The track is a very familiar one to me, since the record label signing,  it’s obvious that it has been re-mixed, rejuvenated and almost given new life to the best harmonies possible for Peace.
A rhetoric journey supplied with angelic backing melodies in ‘California Daze’ makes you summer day dreaming in this cryptic love song tale; ‘she tastes like sunlight’ illustrating my point. Binary Finary’s trance classic ‘1998’ is the finale with a Pink Floyd-esque touch in a cover that is percussion perfection until the very last psychedelic note.
Peace described ‘Delicious’ as smashing their personal best, well keep setting targets of high altitude because if this is proceeded with a debut album of the same standard, the accolades will come pouring in. Keep doing us Brummies proud!
Catch them soon on a upcoming mammoth UK tour –