Friday, September 22, 2023

Wide Eyed, Dumb, God Damn, Bad Moon and Laced play a secret gig in a Birmingham living room. No, really.

If you’re under the impression that the whole Birmingham music scene ‘hype’ has been exhausted to its fullest extent with the likes of Swim Deep and Peace making a name for themselves, oh how wrong you are. There is an immense underground scene exploding with undeniable talent. Jack Parker, or DJ Jacky P as he’s better known, was brave (or stupid) enough to invite a bunch of up-for-it music enthusiasts into his house on Friday March 15 2013 for a night of phenomenal live music, fun and frolics.
New kids on the block, Laced, opened the night with great success. They may not have the most live experience, but my god they’ve got potential.

As everyone squeezed into the living room, complete with decorative rock ‘n’ roll bunting, they listened intently to Gracie and Andy’s dreamy harmonies against the edgy psychedelic backdrop. With just two demos that haven’t even been put online yet, it’s incredibly exciting to imagine where this band will be in months to come.
Bad Moon were up next; another band with immense potential. As the crowd spilled out into the hallway and on top of radiators and poor old sofas (RIP), they enthusiastically nodded along as the band rocked out to their killer tunes.

Bad Moon
The dreamy sounds of their current available demo, ‘Quinton Expressway’ intertwined with heavy guitars and a rocky beat wowed the crowd. Is there no end to Birmingham’s talents?
As soon as Wolverhampton’s very own God Damn started playing, everyone completely lost their shit. Their loud and relentless set of heavy grunge and blues infused tracks shook the room into a state of energetic chaos. With feet in their faces and elbows in their sides, everyone went completely insane and moshed like there was no tomorrow to the band’s heavy rock tunes; especially recent single ‘I’m a Lazer, You’re a Radar.’

God Damn
By the time Dumb came on, blood alcohol levels were on the rise, and everyone was ready to continue rocking out. With vocalist Dylan playing with the front of  his top missing, bass player Adam crowd surfing during their set and Jacky P, the host himself, joining in with a cheese grater and a drumstick (a very worthwhile contribution, may I add), it’s clear that this gig was unique and downright crazy.

Risen from the ashes of The Carpels, Dumb proved that they have all the makings of a great indie rock ‘n’ roll band. Their upcoming single Dive received the best reaction and finished their set on a high.
Headliners, Wide Eyed, triumphantly brought the one-of-a-kind gig to an end with their majestic psychedelic rock tracks. With crowd surfers and moshers still on full form, the crowd continued to appreciate the superb live music; so much so that they started to fall on top of the band themselves! Wide Eyed proved once again that they are a phenomenal live band as popular track ‘Bleak’ sent the crowd into a state of frenzied admiration.

Wide Eyed
B-Town, West Madlands, or plain old Birmingham; whatever you want to call us, we’ve got something truly special here which was proven by this legendary house party. Everyone who was lucky enough to be there witnessed something incredible. Musicians, friends, and fans alike came together in Jack’s living room to support and appreciate the talent that just won’t stop erupting from our very own hometown. It’s safe to say that the feelings the next morning were of great pride for Birmingham, along with a banging headache of course.
Photographs by Andy Hughes.

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