Thursday, May 30, 2024

Upcoming Gig: Get Ready For B Town

B town is once again hosting their fabulous Inde night in Birmingham on Thursday 02 May 2024. B Town has been going for over a year now and recently celebrated its first birthday on the 27th of March.  This is the 5th event under the B Town mantle and this latest event is due to feature some incredible artists. The festivities are taking place at the iconic Rainbow Pub which has been restored to its former glory and is now one of the main centrepieces when it comes to experiencing quality nightlife in Digbeth. 

Counteract has been fortunate enough to sit down with one of the promoters behind B Town, Tim Senna (named after the famous Formula One driver himself) who is hoping to get this underground indie event into pole position. In addition to Tim, Real Cool and Daisy Peacock also joined us who will be playing the event on 02 May. 

Tim’s Vision For B Town 

When speaking to Tim he stated ” With B Town we want to bring back a vibe reminiscent of the 2006 indie scene. We do not want to take things too seriously, but we want to put on a fun and well-organised event that is accessible for everyone” 

“We will only be holding one event per month as we want to focus on quality over quantity and in this current climate I feel Birmingham needs more fun nights like this” 

 ” I was stoked to have Real Cool playing this show because they are one of the main reasons I fell in love with the Birmingham Music scene in 2017, and having them at one of our events is special”. 

Real Cool 

Hailing from Birmingham, the band known as Real Cool, or sometimes as “The Real Cool,” defines themselves as a blend of dream pop with an ’80s vibe. Their music, crafted with synthesizers, drum machines, and captivating guitar melodies, explores themes of modern love in the digital era. 

When speaking to the Brummy-based musicians about the band’s inception, they described that they first formed when two of the lads were already in a band, and were looking for the final piece of the puzzle. This turned out to be one of the members’ brothers, who was already writing music but was sick of playing function gigs. Naturally, the lads formed a partnership and have never looked back. 

They have an absolute banger of a tune on Spotify you can listen to right now as well called “Always Her” so click here to not miss out on some excellent music. 

Daisy Peacock

Daisy is originally from Sheffield and describes herself as an indie pop singer, when asked what Daisy’s biggest inspirations were she told us: ” I always loved singing and being involved in music since I was in school, but I only really got going and started to experiment myself when I was around 11 years old” 

“one of my biggest inspirations is Holly Humberstone, I currently have two songs out and I am about to jump back into the recording studio and hope to have more tunes for you all to listen to very soon” 

You can check out Daisy’s music here! 

Grab Your Tickets Now!

All In all, It looks like Digbeth is in for an incredible night this week. You can buy your tickets using the link here, but act fast as they have some top-quality, musicians on display for this one.