Friday, March 1, 2024

Troumaca + Dumb, The Rainbow, Birmingham 26/10/13

Troumaca have long been viewed as champions of the city they call home. That it’s taken this long for everywhere else to catch on almost seems criminal. But for those who take a chance on the band’s live shows, there’s no doubt that the five-piece remain undefeated.
It’s Dumb who kickstarted Saturday night’s proceedings at The Rainbow, making a welcome return to their hometown after an unforgettable appearance at The Royal Albert Hall. Their tightly-honed sound has left them no shortage of admirers, evident tonight as those gathered sing back the words and dance along. Singles ‘Retina’ and ‘Dive’ provoke the biggest reactions, whilst demo track ‘Two Bottles’ and unreleased success ‘Supersonic Love Toy’ both prove effortless crowd-pleasers. With a quick promotional shout-out for their new t-shirts (modeled ever-so-suavely by drummer Jacob McQue), and a stellar performance of debut track ‘Dive,’ the band left the stage, basking in the applause that resounded around them.

It took no time at all for Troumaca to fill the room they were playing, and at what was their first Birmingham show since their exclusive album launch back in August, it’s no surprise that they found themselves surrounded by fans. As the group’s exotic sound flooded the venue, it didn’t take the crowd long to dance along. The room seemed to revel in the energy that surrounded them, moving to the riffs and rhythms that emanated from the stage before them.

It can be easy to glaze over Troumaca, removed from the mainstreams as they are, but once you’ve seen them it’s impossible to understand why anyone could bear to do so. New favourites such as ‘Gold, Women & Wine’ had the room dancing with as equal fervour as long-time favourites like ‘Lady Colour’ and ‘Clouds (Caresser Les Nuages),’ before the band drew their set to a close with the only track they really could – album title track, and new single, ‘The Grace.’
Troumaca are a band with an identity that extends beyond their recordings. There’s a buzz that floods through a venue and flows through your system, that makes you sway, dance, and lose yourself completely. And as far as anyone who witnessed them tonight is concerned, they’ll always remain some of our hometown heroes.
Photographs by Daisy Blecker.