Thursday, May 30, 2024

Solar Eyes, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and CVC – Live Review

Solar Eyes, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and CVC – A triplet of bands spanning the rock genre
made for an interactive and energised night as they took to the stage at the O2 Institute 2,
Birmingham, on 4th May. Kicking off the night were the spirited Birmingham-based band, Solar Eyes. They wasted no time interacting with the audience right from the get-go, setting up an eager atmosphere. Stretching across the rock genre, integrated with intricate riffs and grooves, Solar Eyes had
a captivating set.

How It Began

The stage set-up allowed each member to be at the forefront, highlighting the band’s coordination as they moved through the tracks smoothly. Instrumental breaks were dynamic, interesting and engaging. They added to the allure that Solar Eyes so brilliantly presented. Including a combination of the members’ vocals, this added depth, as they complimented each other.

They easily connected with the crowd throughout, showing a clear appreciation which added an intimate feel to their set. Specifically, the mention of them having stickers sparked an excited reaction from an audience member and a comedic buzz in the room. Solar Eyes’ tracks came to life live, already immersive arrangements amplified and encouraged by enthusiastic audience members.


In between came Welsh rockers, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, with a unique and intriguing feel. Hard-hitting drums and a rock and roll element were showcased with both their songs and energy. They made use of stage space, moving around and encouraging the audience to do the same. Their set was laced with swagger and continued to rile up the audience, pointedly staring into the crowd to keep up the eagerness. Concluding the night came the Welsh six-piece, CVC. They burst onto the stage with a slow build-up of instrumentals, making the anticipated crowd fill with even more of a buzz.

Solar Eyes Shine

Playing a mix of their self-proclaimed classics with a slight spin but also a collection of newer releases added variation. Members switched between instrumentals, a trumpet solo being a notable moment showcasing the unique range CVC have. A tambourine even became an addition toward the end of their set which warranted an excited cheer. Frontman Francesco Orsi’s vocals were driving and powerful. Each interval between songs called for a little crowd interaction and even sparked a debate about their backstage squat competition, where no one was proclaimed a winner.

By the end of their set, both the band and the audience had enjoyed the blend of psychedelic rock and groovy riffs – the room filled with dancing. CVC harnessed their innovative style impressively live, their charismatic stage presence a highlight of the set. Solar Eyes, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and CVC’s talents alike, collectively created a joyful and unique night.