Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Jungle + Beaty Heart, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham 20/03/14

Jungle (1)
Beaty Heart prove to be worthy openers for tonight’s headliners as they, like Jungle, have a penchant for penning songs that cant help but make you smile. Percussive and tribal, the three drummers ensure a carnival-like atmosphere.
Jungle (2)
Beaty Heart
Beaty Heart succeed in merging their electronic sensibilities into a live set up. The psychedelic pop number ‘Lekka Freakout’ proves to be a highlight as swirling layers fill the packed out room. No sooner as they started, they were leaving the stage but as far as first impressions go Beaty Heart will be etched on people’s lips for some time to come.
Jungle (3)
An air of mystery surrounded Jungle tonight. Jungle have opted to let the music do the talking and despite all the hype they have remained tight-lipped. Performing as a seven piece they took to the stage, one by one we could finally put faces to the music. A set brimming with confidence was soon underway. For a band so early in their career, live, they are remarkably refined.
Jungle (4)
Crowd and band danced in unison as the singles came thick and fast. It may be Jungle’s first Birmingham show but with only one new track aired tonight the set felt like a homecoming with songs already being firm crowd favourites. New single “Busy Earnin’” ended proceedings in the most celebratory way and one by one, just as they entered, they were gone.
Jungle (5)
Jungle are a breath of fresh air in a world which is proving to be increasingly stale. They may be keeping their cards close to their chests but on tonight’s showing they’ve got a killer hand they’re just waiting to show.
Photographs by Paul Reynolds