Saturday, April 20, 2024

Interpol + Temples + Royal Blood + Circa Waves, The Institute, Birmingham 25/03/14

The prestigious opening slot for this years tour was filled by Circa Waves, and, despite an early start, the four-piece had no trouble filling the room with their upbeat and infectious sound. Miles away from the darkened gloom of the headliner, their ceaseless energy and fully adept performance left no question as to why the group have been so heavily hyped.
Royal Blood have had an impressive rise to fame. The raw rock’n’roll duo easily stirred up some energy from the crowd, their distinctively rough sound a solid mix of catchy choruses and rhythms you can throw yourself around to. However, there’s something missing. Everything the band do seems a little too polished, or by-the-book, and whilst they may have put on a great show, they failed to leave a lasting impact.
Temples took the spotlight in their stride. The release of their debut album, Sun Structures, has only served to cement the bands talent. Live they sound just as rich and as alluring as you could hope for. Their stage presence may have lacked the energy of the previous bands, but with their instinctive style and a set full of crowd-pleasers, the group effortlessly held their own. Full-bodied psychedelic riffs and sing-a-long choruses held the room enthralled as the music well and truly spoke for itself.
It might’ve been a long time since Interpol last played on our shores, but the adoration that awaited the New York four-piece when they took to the stage hasn’t moved an inch. The band’s all-encompassing sound proved as spellbinding as ever, whilst Paul Banks’ distinctive vocals were nothing short of divine.
With a set that highlighted old favourites and debuted brand new material, the band wove a web of enchantment around their audience that not a single person present could bear to shake free of. Classics ‘Evil,’ ‘C’mere,’ and ‘Take You On A Cruise’ showcased a band with a wealth of diamonds at their disposal. Treated to the first performance of ‘PDA’ in a very long while, there wasn’t a single doubt that those gathered were witnessing something special.
Ending the night with a heart-stealing performance of ‘Stella Was A Diver And She’s Always Down,’ Interpol left a conquered crowd in their wake. If there ever was any doubt as to the group’s strength after so long, this show shattered it. With a new record on the horizon, Interpol are well and truly back.