Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Curb + LIFE + Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes + The Mighty Young, The Sun At The Station, Birmingham 13/03/14

Greetings From are fast becoming an established name when it comes to promoting new acts of quality. Their night at The Sun At The Station in Kings Heath on Thursday night was no exception to that rule.
The Mighty Young have long been an undercurrent on the local scene, and if tonight’s performance is anything to go by, now is the moment they’re starting to break through. From the same school of ‘MAN that’s loud‘ as Wet Nuns and the Midlands’ own God Damn, the duo’s distinctive stylings are capable of leaving you hooked, awed, and altered.

The Mighty Young
The band’s country twang lends their sound to something a little more danceable, keeping attentions glued to the stage throughout. Their dynamic performance and all-natural swagger left nothing else be desired – why these guys aren’t headlining bigger shows yet is beyond us.

Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes
Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes had the unenviable challenge of following the two-piece’s set. Their blend of droning vocals, raucous riffs, and synthesised melodies prove quite unlike anything else, and have already earned them a firm footing in the city. Racing through their performance with a ceaseless intensity – and a great number of power guitar stances – the band drew their set to a climactic end with a uniquely raw cover of The Only Ones’ ‘Another Girl, Another Planet,’ leaving the room abuzz with energy.

Hull-natives LIFE wasted no time in impressing the room with their Birmingham debut. Dressed in a styled leather jacket bearing the band’s name, frontman Mez Green bounded on and off the stage with a seemingly endless source of vitality, and the rest of the group responded in kind. Bearing a confidence that could’ve bordered on arrogance in the wrong hands, the band powered through their set of punchy, scuzzy pop tracks with a ceaseless and addictive enthusiasm, before ending with latest single ‘Money’ and its flipside, ‘Crawling.’

Curb took their headline slot in their stride. Already cemented in the hearts of the city, in front of a local crowd, they were in their element. Previously released tracks ‘How Are You Now?’ and ‘So High’ had no shortage of people singing along, whilst live favourites ‘Katrina’ and ‘Give Me A Light’ kept the gathered crowd dancing along where they stood. As the set progressed, the band only seemed to improve, their tightly honed performance showcasing a talent already on it’s way to become something more renowned. Called back to encore, the four-piece drew the night to a close with a performance of ‘OK Soda’ that left the whole room reeling.
Photographs by Jonathan Morgan.