Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bring Me The Horizon’s Latest Track Is A Banger!

Bring Me The Horizon has commenced 2024 by releasing a new single, Kool-Aid. This marks the band’s initial release since the unexpected departure of keyboardist/percussionist Jordan Fish in late 2023. In my opinion, it was a significant loss for the band. Still, the lads have more than enough about them to carry on producing some banging tunes. Additionally, it serves as a sneak peek into the forthcoming and long-awaited album, Post Human: Nex Gen.

The song showcases the band’s signature style, blending anthemic bursts of metalcore, glitchy electronica, and powerful screams from frontman Oli Sykes. Sykes again sounds incredible on this track. It’s bloody awesome to hear him screaming his head off again. His clean vocals are, of course, excellent, but Bring Me The Horizon is at their magnificently malicious best when the music is on the heavier side, and they make the floor shake a bit.

As for what this song is about? My interpretation is that Sykes’ portrayal echoes the ominous connotations associated with the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid,” representing blind allegiance to a harmful and distorted belief system. This chilling image is notably linked to the tragic events of Jonestown.

Kool-Aid precedes the band’s upcoming UK tour, boasting a solid lineup including current Metal Hammer cover stars Bad Omens, British alt-rockers Static Dress, and nu-gen figurehead Cassyette.

You can check out the single on all the usual streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. It’s well worth a listen, and for fans of the band, you will not be disappointed.