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Top Films Depicting the World of Music and Musicians

Delving into the discography of a musical artist often ignites a curiosity about the individual behind the melodies. We’re drawn to uncover their listening habits, their demeanor away from the limelight, and whether the persona they project to the public aligns with who they are in private. Are they cloaked in an air of mystery in the presence of cameras, only to reveal a more unassuming nature in solitude, or is what you see genuinely what you get? We present a curated selection of the most captivating films about music and musicians that you can stream right now.

Best Movies About Musicians

#1 Amadeus

Peter Shaffer’s theatrical masterpiece comes to life in this dramatic rendition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s saga. Starring Tom Hulce as Mozart and F. Murray Abraham as his rival, composer Antonio Salieri, this critically lauded movie swept the Oscars with eight wins, alongside a staggering 32 additional accolades, including Grammy triumphs. “Amadeus” not only captures riveting drama but also showcases exquisite renditions of Mozart’s works, flawlessly performed by the esteemed Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chamber orchestra.

#2 8 Mile

The film “8 Mile” marked the impressive acting debut of renowned rapper Eminem, portraying the protagonist. Set against the backdrop of a dramatized narrative, the movie weaves in autobiographical elements from Eminem’s background, particularly referencing the titular “8 Mile”-a nod to the roadway adjacent to his childhood home. The plot chronicles the challenging life of Jimmy Smith Jr., an ambitious rapper from Detroit, better known to fans by his stage name, B-Rabbit. His compelling ascent from obscurity to the rap scene limelight via local rap battles forms the crux of the story.

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#3 Rocketman

Taron Egerton, portraying Sir Elton John in “Rocketman,” describes the film not merely as a biopic but as a “fantasy musical,” which more accurately captures its essence. The movie intentionally weaves reality with fantasy, to embark on an exploration of the artist’s personal triumphs and tribulations via his timeless music. It artfully uses John’s hit songs, such as the emotionally charged “I Want Love,” to depict the profound isolation felt during his formative years.

#4 24 Hour Party People

“24 Hour Party People” is an acclaimed biographical movie that captures the vibrant evolution of Manchester’s music scene from the 1970s through the early 1990s. Narrating the life of TV personality and record label executive Tony Wilson, it delves into his pivotal role in shaping Manchester’s musical renown. The film parallels real history, with actual band members from the period making cameos. Starring Steve Coogan as Wilson, and backed by a strong supporting cast, “24 Hour Party People” serves as a tribute to Manchester’s iconic bands, incorporating a rich soundtrack from the era’s most influential groups.

#5 High Fidelity

“High Fidelity,” a gem in the Cusack filmography, showcases the actor’s charming presence as he portrays a record store owner in Chicago, passionately entwined in the world of music. As he mulls over his romantic history, viewers are treated to a rich tapestry of musical backdrops.

The standout ensemble cast, boasting talents like Lisa Bonet and Jack Black, matches the vibrancy of a soundtrack brimming with iconic tunes from The Kinks and Bob Dylan. It also offers a taste of the underground music scene with gems from cult favorites like the 13th Floor Elevators and Beta Band. By the way, you can even find new pearls now. Alternatively, you can install a free VPN extension and search abroad. If you are a true music lover, then the goal is worth the effort.

#6 A Star Is Born

Despite following a well-trodden narrative, ‘A Star Is Born’ demonstrates the timeless impact of a tale well told. In his first stint as a director, Bradley Cooper breathes fresh life into this classic romance, a story revisited for the fourth time since its original 1937 release. Featuring powerhouse performances, Lady Gaga astonishes as Ally, proving her acting mettle alongside seasoned stars such as Cooper and Sam Elliott.

#7 Straight Outta Compton

O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of legendary rapper Ice Cube, delivers a dynamic performance as his father in the gripping narrative of West Coast gangsta rap legends NWA. The movie not only influenced Dr. Dre’s third album, “Compton,” but also includes a soundtrack packed with NWA’s legendary tracks. Presenting an engrossing behind-the-scenes look at the complex dynamics of hip hop’s groundbreaking artists, the biopic earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay in 2015.


These are not just movies with music, these are films about the musical path, the difficulties of musicians, and their development. Some of them are inspiring, others are respectful. In any case, you will be able to experience vivid emotions and this is the best that films have to offer.