Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Launch A Galaxy Far Far Away From Going To Plan

The highly anticipated launch of the “Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection” on consoles and PC has quickly become a debacle, leaving players frustrated and disappointed. Developed by Aspyr, this remastered edition of the original two “Star Wars: Battlefront” titles was met with many issues from its release, ranging from server problems to gameplay bugs.

Server Issues From Day One

One of the primary issues plaguing the launch was connectivity problems, with an overwhelming number of players attempting to log in on platforms like Steam only to find a severe lack of available servers. Despite the high demand, initially, there were only three 64-player servers accessible, leading to long wait times and difficulty joining matches.

While additional servers were eventually added, players continued encountering issues such as spawning glitches and aiming difficulties, making gameplay experiences frustrating and unenjoyable. 

The hostile reception extended to the game’s performance on Steam, where it garnered a “Mostly Negative” rating based on user reviews. Only a small percentage of nearly 2,000 reviews were positive, highlighting the widespread dissatisfaction among players. Issues cited in the reviews included connectivity issues, broken multiplayer modes, and various technical glitches affecting gameplay.

Despite the significant backlash, some players still enjoyed revisiting the classic titles, praising their immersive battles and solid performance. However, these positive aspects were overshadowed by many technical issues that hindered the overall experience.

Criticism also extended to Aspyr’s handling of the multiplayer rollout, with players expressing disappointment over the lack of server capacity and gameplay problems. The company’s response to the issues remains limited, with no public statements addressing the concerns raised by players for the first few days of release.

We Have Been Here Before

The troubled launch of “Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection” is reminiscent of similar incidents involving other re-released titles, highlighting the challenges of reviving beloved classics for modern platforms. As players await resolution to the ongoing issues, the collection’s future hangs in the balance, with the potential for continued support and improvement crucial to its long-term success.

Aspyr has acknowledged the critical errors in their network infrastructure, resulting in high ping, matchmaking errors, and server crashes. They have released the following statement. 

“We’d like to thank the Battlefront community for their overwhelming support and feedback for the STAR WARS™ Battlefront Classic Collection release. 

At launch, we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure. The result was incredibly high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser. 

Since launch, we’ve been working to address these issues and increase network stability, and we will continue our efforts until our network infrastructure is stabilized to prevent further outages.

Please continue to report bugs, errors, or unexpected behaviours to our support team via our Request Form.”

The Aspyr Team

It remains to be seen how these fixes will look and when they will take place, but another botched launch for a Star Wars Battlefront game is a massive blow for the franchise. After EA mishandled the IP (they loaded the game full of pay-to-win loot boxes) and now the classic game launch is not going to plan, we may not be far off from a world where the decision is made to stop chasing this poisoned challenge. Ah, at least we have Jedi Fallen Order to play, and it’s a fantastic sequel.