Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Huge Final Fantasy News As Sony Drop Incredible State Of Play

Sony has just dropped their latest State Of Play over on the old YouTube, and this one was special. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth (the second part of re-imaging Final Fantasy VII) was the sole focus this time round, and it did not disappoint. As we all know by now, I’m a huge (materia) fan of the franchise and thoroughly enjoyed part one (Remake), which dropped in 2020; this is, without a doubt, my most anticipated game of the year.

From what I’ve just witnessed, Rebirth seems to be taking much bigger steps forward than Remake. One of the main issues the fanbase had last time around was the dated side quests; this time around, Square-Enix leaned into improving this aspect of the game. The State Of Play goes into great detail about this, showcasing some unique features and showing off some pretty cool-looking mini-games. I saw some Chocobo digging and Cloud hanging out with Moogles at Mog’s house. The gold saucer is also present in this game, so I’m watering at the mouth to see what surprises are on offer there.

From what I could tell from the trailers and gameplay footage, some new elements have been added as expected. A few new characters popped up (as well as some old ones). The Buggy and the Tiny Bronco also featured as drivable vehicles, and I even got a glimpse of Barret in his sailor suit.

A special announcement was left until the end of the showcase as well. A demo has been released and is downloadable right now. I’m already playing. Enjoy!