Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: A Fans First Impressions

So Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth dropped today, and after four long years, I have finally got my hands on the long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy VII: Remake. This has easily been my most anticipated game of the year as I have been invested in the world of Gaia and Cloud and Co since I was seven years old (happy accident)

I have only played a few hours, so this is my first impression of the game. Still, I have already been blown away by the level of detail and the presentation that Square-Enix produced when developing this game. The world is gorgeous, and they have already exceeded the first game in scale. They have surpassed the first game that, compared to this no,w looks like a glorified tech demo. Don’t get me wrong, I love FF7 Remake, and I would still recommend it to any fan of the Final Fantasy series. Still, they have blown the lid off expectations in Rebirth. It’s incredible.  

The Visuals Are Incredible 

Let’s begin by highlighting its exceptional cutscenes. These sequences are visually stunning, featuring action-packed and beautifully directed scenes that showcase near-CGI level character models engaging in a mix of expository and action-oriented storytelling. The visual quality achieved here is awe-inspiring, with outstanding cinematic presentations. This aspect remains consistent with the 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so what sets it apart now?

The character designs for these sequences have undergone notable tweaks, incorporating higher-grade and subtly more realistic modelling. Skin details exhibit increased intricacy with well-defined specular highlights, while the rendering of hair has seen significant improvements. The card-based hair system appears less angular, featuring more fine details with reduced dithering and break-up. Enhanced light occlusion and self-shadowing contribute to a shinier appearance than its Remake counterpart. Moreover, the cutscene lighting has improved, frequently opting for cinematic three-point lighting setups that enhance the characters’ visibility against the backgrounds. These scenes also showcase adequate indirect lighting, with a noticeable bounce from reflective surfaces like sand.

The cutscene blends seamlessly back into the main game when the scenes end. Of course, the rendering and graphics are not the same standards, but they are close. You also have the option to play in performance mode (enhanced frame rate) or graphical mode, which allows raytracing and all those little extra bits of lighting to really shine through. 

Combat Is Still Really Fun

The combat in the previous game was excellent, and Rebirth has only expanded upon this. The stagger system has remained, and the Materia system is still in place, but they have now added Synergy Skills. These add an extra layer to combat. Once learned, they allow different party members to link up and unleash a devastating attack or a defensive buff. Other characters have different combos you can use, so it’s good to experiment with which character you want to control and who you want in your party. 

I am so excited to see where this game takes me. I am still only in the first Grasslands Area, so I have a long way to go, but as for first impressions, I’d have to say to give it a go.