Thursday, May 30, 2024

Rosie Tee’s Night Creature Album Launch Show Is A Spellbinding Success At Pan-Pan

Article by: Sophie Hack
Photography: Jess Whitty

You’ll find the most magic in the most unassuming places. Nestled in one of Digbeth’s many graffiti-lined streets, you’ll discover Pan-Pan. A cross between a carpenter’s workshop, a late-night bar and someone’s living room, the warmth and eclecticism made the perfect home to escape into Kikimora Records’ first release ‘Night Creature’ by Rosie Tee.

‘Night Creature’ is the latest release from the Birmingham-based artist Rosie Tee, a dreamy six-track record that ebbs and flows between mystical pop and psychedelic textures with folky undertones, inspired by Tunley’s Polish roots. Glistening synths keep pace as spacious vocals breathe through folklore tales, unearthing enchanting music that feels fresh yet timeless.

A Visual And Audioable Spectacle

The album launch show for ‘Night Creature’ was all-encompassing, inviting you to walk under the paper mache moths while visuals of forest dwellers and creepy crawlies were mixed live and projected onto the walls. No mossy stone was left unturned as even a craft corner provided entertainment before support act Silver Fields and Rosie Tee herself took to the stage.

We placed ourselves in a circle around The Silver Field, perfectly situated to view her intricate work. From a custom set-up cascading with wires, Coral Rose composed multi-layered electronic folk tracks that enveloped the room, beckoning in and out like waves. Vocals were effortlessly looped on top of each other, weaving a rich array of sounds collected from near and far. Performing for the first time in Birmingham since 2018, The Silver Field created a soft sonic pillow that was perfect for carrying the crowd into the woods for Rosie Tee’s headline set.

Beginning with the hypnotic ‘Lectern’, Rosie Tee’s latest work sprung to life. With Dan Cipicco on bass, Piera Onacko on keys and Kai Chareunsy on drums, what was already a vivid piece of work awoke in a burst of colour. The room dipped in a blush pink as the avant-pop Wishbone’ purred through hushed drums, swiftly followed by breathy and ethereal vocals for 2022’s ‘Anchors’. During ‘The Dogs’, a story of a Krampus-like creature being chased by dogs in the night, a frenetic feeling emanated from the band to portray the mythical creature scurrying through the woods.

It then was during the title track ‘Night Creature’ that the room bloomed, a forest of kaleidoscopic colour created from the hand-made visuals and joyous pink headwear adorned by the band (a cross between a lampshade and a jellyfish which became a favourite for those who stayed for Limpid’s DJ set).

Rosie Tee’s Vision For The Future

“I’m not so much a narrative songwriter” Rosie Tee explained, more that she likes “to make a picture you can hold in your mind”. It was a delight to see these images come to life in Pan-Pan, in a way that felt earthy yet modern, cryptic yet crystal clear. ‘Night Creature’ is the first release on Rosie Tee’s Kikimora Records (part owned by another Brum creature Emily Doyle), and if this short but sweet trip of a record is anything to go by, their label will be home to some of Birmingham’s best releases.

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