Monday, December 11, 2023

Introducing: Alt-J

Shortcut symbols, keystrokes and Apple; they aren’t called triangle but Alt+J.
Also known as Δ, there’s an eclectic mix of both backgrounds and influences within the band, of which the Leeds lads can only agree on the likes of Metronomy and Radiohead (which isn’t a bad thing). Developing such a sound that is easy to ‘get’ but undeniably unique is no mean feat, and as such people must be scratching their heads wondering why it hasn’t been done this brilliantly before.
Some might say the name is pretentious but rest assured the music certainly isn’t; an intriguing sound but a googling nightmare, their genre is blurred and unnamed which makes every track they have both a delight and a surprise to listen to. A full album would be something pretty special not just for what to expect but to see how their minimal approach translates.
Self described as ‘folktronica’ the only way you’re going to decide for yourself is if you head over to their soundcloud for a listen. Future bands can expect the comparison of “they sound like Alt J!”, these tracks are unique.
Listen to new single ‘Fitzpleasure’ below.
Catch them supporting Ghostpoet this February and Wild Beasts in March.
Summary: Rhythmic genre hoppers
For fans of: The XX, Wild Beasts, Metronomy
Listen to: Fitzpleasure, Matilda, Breezeblocks
Online: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud