Sensateria marks its return with successful relaunch

After a 30 year sabbatical the 60’s garage-psych night featuring bands and DJ’s returned to Birmingham’s Green Street venue in Digbeth. The hiatus strengthened the climax of the night that is as much about the visuals as it is the music as gysin dream machines were scattered across the venue and the floor was a spectacular vision of psychedelia, pop art and avant garde kitsch.
The venue was relaxed and the people in attendance were glamorous and beautiful without being pretentious. Two bands were set to play with DJ Peter Feely filling in the gaps with a perfumed garden of musical delights. The main act was called Night Beats and they had travelled from Seattle, WA to play in the second city. They were supported by Birmingham’s, The Exploding Sound Machine.
The Exploding Sound Machine is inspired by Warhol’s multimedia events, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable’. The concept is a true homage to the work of Warhol, created by artists with a keen appreciation of Psych and Carnaby Street fashions from the 1960’s. Their sound is comparable to Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and The Doors. The intro to one of their songs sounded like ‘Paint it Black’, but this was clearly a nod to the 1960’s and their undying appreciation for the era.
The Exploding Sound Machine’s two vocalists Joey Smith and Sarah Marriott-Caine sounded as good as they looked and the crowd were captivated by their natural stage presence. After seeing the band once it will be hard to not want to see them again. They are a stylistically infectious and visually and audibly pleasure inducing act that are thriving from the second city.
Hailing from the birth place of Grunge, Lee Blackman (vocals, lead guitar), James Traeger (drums) and Tarek Wegner (vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar) are a psychedelic, garage and soul group called Night Beats. Live they are a cacophony of electricity, love, sex and positivity.
The beautiful arpeggios and haunting drumming in H Bomb was a religious experience and Blackman summoned the eternal soul of Hendrix with his brilliance. ‘Outer Mind’ got the whole venue swinging their upper torsos whilst they stood on the floor and hair was everywhere as revellers danced to the majestic guitar solos from Blackman. Night Beats were raw, provocative, euphoric and exciting to watch. They lifted the party into overdrive because everyone was inspired by their exciting sound. If Night Beats do another UK tour be sure to see them, they suited Sensateria’s vibe perfectly and were the highlight of a memorable night.
Sensateria was well organised, well decorated, the sound was good and the people were happy to be in attendance. The party had been away for too long and it will hopefully not be the last time we will see of this legendary night again.
For more information on Sensateria, please visit their Facebook page.

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