No Age + Comanechi + Burning Alms, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham 03/10/13

No Age
Let’s start off with the vital statistics:
Venue: The intimate upstairs room in the Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath.
Crowd: Mid 20s+, little bit rowdy and of course, the obligatory local in a sheepskin jacket.
Atmosphere: Both energetic and intimate.
Music: Loud. Very loud.
Not being an aficionado of this particular genre, the only previous knowledge I had of LA boys No Age came from a few quick Google searches conducted a few weeks ago. Quite frankly, I was fairly sceptical after finding out they were branded as “noise rock,” but I put my objective head on nevertheless and went to the gig with an open mind.
The upstairs room of the Hare and Hounds played host to headliner No Age and their supporting acts, Burning Alms and Comanechi. The stage, on the same level as the audience, fitted nicely with the intimate atmosphere of the room allowing the bands to have a certain connection with the audience which both support acts aptly achieved.
Burning Alms kicked off the night with a slow start but soon began to thrash out their songs. Comanechi were soon to follow with another energetic and vibrant performance from the glitter-covered lead singer Akiko ‘Keex’ Matsuura.
After being prepped adequately by the supporting act, it was time for the big guns to appear. Similar to Burning Alms, the lyrics sung by drummer and singer, Dean Spunt, were lost in the general mêlée and madness which ensued. However, the duo still managed to pull off a pretty damn good set. When ‘C’mon Stimmung’ from new album An Object started up, the crowd received it whole heartedly; the 80% that were subtly bopping away began to thrive, with a three-man mosh pit also breaking out at the front of the crowd – although this was quickly stunted by those older members of the crowd.
No Age surprised me. Although I got what I was expecting on the music front, the general performance and atmosphere amounted to an overall successful and enjoyable night.
Aisling Bruce

Aisling Bruce

Enthusiastic writer with an eclectic taste in music. Will listen to and enjoy (almost) anything.
Aisling Bruce
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Aisling Bruce

Enthusiastic writer with an eclectic taste in music. Will listen to and enjoy (almost) anything.

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