Little Comets + Model Aeroplanes, The Institute, Birmingham 07/13/15

If you love a good indie band then The Institute was the place to be on Saturday. I believe that you can tell a lot about a band by their fan base and this crowd was weirdly nice, the kind of people who buy each other drinks without asking and apologize even when you shove into them; the atmosphere was like one at a local festival on a Sunny day rather than in the dark Library of the Institute.
Model Aeroplanes were the perfect support act as their excitement was contagious, overflowing from the stage and into the crowd. The 19 year olds claim they “skipped school to practice” and that’s clearly paid off. They had the kind of enthusiasm that comes with youth and their energy on stage had the crowd buzzing. The swishy haired Scottish boys appeared to have a small, but zealous fan base that all began screaming for the single ‘Club Live’. ‘Club Live’, which is a really good song by the way, had the whole crowd singing and jumping along. Model Aeroplane’s put on a great show and if they continue doing what they’re doing, they’re going to go places.
After a bizarre sound check, Little Comets came on to a roar of applause. They opened with ‘Gift of Sound,’ a song from February release Hope Is Just a State of Mind. Their performance lacked some of the raw craziness brought to the stage earlier by Model Aeroplanes, but Little Comets put on a technically faultless performance that had a bit of a mellower vibe.
They then performed ‘Isles’, one of their first singles from 2010 which the audience were much more familiar with. Their show had the perfect mix of old and new songs, something quite rare for a band that goes on tour shortly after releasing a brand new album.
The brothers, Robert Coles (lead vocals, guitar) and Michael Coles (lead guitar, backing vocals) had great on stage chemistry with beautiful harmonies reminiscent of female singers and sisters The Staves. It was clear they’d been singing together since they were boys. The Geordie boys didn’t speak much in between songs, emitting a kind of shy-coolness, and instead let their music do the talking.
Their slower songs ‘Bridge Burn’ and ‘My Boy William’ stood out as my favorites however the rest of the crowd seemed desperate for something louder and more fun. The intro to their single ‘Dancing Song’ was muffled by screams from the excited crowd and was clearly long awaited, and pretty soon converses were flying in the air as the madder audience members began crowd surfing; this was definitely ‘one for dancing’.
They strangely ended with ‘In Blue Music We Trust’ a slower single that the audience didn’t appear to know. Also despite promising to go crazy as it was their ‘last tour date for 4 days’ they didn’t even provide an encore!
Despite this, Little Comets’ performance was light hearted, cheery and had everyone dancing and in good spirits. They’re the kind of band that can and will be enjoyed by anyone.

PR executive, freelance writer and UoB graduate living, working and writing in Brum.

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Kate Spree

PR executive, freelance writer and UoB graduate living, working and writing in Brum.