Kodaline, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham 31/05/13

Following a successful UK tour, Dublin-bred rock quartet Kodaline played an almost impromptu free acoustic gig for fans at their local haunt the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, having recently moved to nearby Moseley.
Despite it only being a 20 minute show in the front bar, front man Stephen Garrigan gave a rich and uplifting vocal performance, hitting each note with great ease. Vocal harmonies were laid on throughout the short, memorable performance by the rest of the band and the percussion was a simplistic yet effective tapping of a guitar case. Garrigan interspersed his vocals with a worthy performance on harmonica, adding to the unique depth of sound they managed to create throughout the set.
Acoustic versions of ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Love Like This’ were performed with aplomb; ‘High Hopes’ was sang with a ferocious passion whilst the early evening sun set gently in the background. Their new single ‘Love Like This’ was released on Sunday (June 2) and is a catchy, emotional song with a swooping chorus.
Kodaline finished the set with the hauntingly melancholic ‘All I Want’ to rapturous applause. Afterward, all the band wanted was to sit down and have a few beers.
Their debut studio album In a Perfect World is released June 17 via RCA.
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