It’s time to bid farewell to Snobs… well, until next week anyway

Snobs (Paradise Circus)
If I was to say sticky dancefloors, sweaty walls and vodka capable of stripping you of all dignity after one swig, what would be the first place that springs to mind? Of course, it’s our beloved Snobs. The legendary club will be closing its original doors at Paradise Circus for the last time this Sunday after a staggering 42 years of business, before relocating to the old Vudu club on the corner of Hurst Street and Smallbrook Queensway.
So what’s in store for the new Snobs? The club has played host to over 2 and a half million of us over the years – your parents may have even met here – and will now be doubling its capacity to 1400 after its move to grace more music lovers than ever. The current owners have also promised that the new decor will still have features that have defined snobs for all of us (yes, I am talking about the face wall).
They are even carrying over the original Dr Who Tardis theme to the new location. Just think more Peter Capaldi than John Pertwee this time. Snobs is literally set to be a bigger and better version than the venue we have grown unhealthily attached to with a few additions along the way.

An artist’s impression of what the new Snobs will look like
Although there’s still no promising you’ll actually be able to mosh in the new venue, you may be able to cure your favourite hangover with a steak the morning after at the same place… Yep. Forget Athens and Top Nosh (RIP), Snobs Bar and Grill will cater for your suffering self! Yes, the club will also be open as a bar and grill in the day time.
So make sure you get your Friday, Saturday or Sunday tickets to beat the imminent queues to enjoy the final nights at Snobs’ original home. After all, there’s only one place where you’ll find cheap drinks, great music and horrendous dancing so let’s leave Paradise Circus in style. Everyone will have memories of snobs – however faint – and we hope its legacy as Birmingham’s oldest nightclub will continue for another 42 years. It might even end up ruining our children’s shoes.
The final night of Snobs at Paradise Circus is this Sunday (September 21) with Snobs in its new location opening its doors for the first time on Wednesday September 24. Remaining tickets for the final three nights are available here.
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Aisling Bruce

Enthusiastic writer with an eclectic taste in music. Will listen to and enjoy (almost) anything.