Games to Play Based on Music

Here at Counteract, we like to focus on a range of topics and this includes music. We have been looking at plenty of things related to music recently including venues in our local area. Birmingham is often overlooked in the music industry and we like to try and provide coverage of any music-related news that occurs in this area.

However, for something a little different we thought we would look at the combination of gaming and music. Music and gaming go hand in hand for many people so we’re going to be looking at the combination of the two. Indeed, there are lots of games related to music so we thought we would take a look at some of these games and why you should play them.

American Idol – All Star Challenge

Most of us all will be aware of the musical talent show and the board game is super fun as well. You can journey from the auditions all the way to Hollywood and there are real television clips included in this game so it really is an excellent choice for the music fan. This game will transform the average living room into the ultimate TV talent show so if you’re a fan of Pop Idol or American Idol then we would recommend this game. Great for parties.

The Game of Life: Rock Star Edition

If you’re a fan of rock music then we raise our glass to you and this an excellent game with the chance to rise up to the level of rock star. You can start out on the Rock n’ Roll Highway and work your way up to fame and fortune. You will want to ascend to the Red Roxy Amphitheatre as well as get your first album on the radio so there really is plenty to do on this game. The Hall of Fame awaits so pick this up if you are a rock music fanatic.

Musical Bingo

Bingo is a game that has been enjoyed for decades but what would happen if you combine music with bingo? This concept has been explored a few times and this popular game can meet a musical party and it is super fun! Creating musical bingo cards isn’t too difficult at all and then you can play the game to the music. It is certainly one that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years so be sure to consider this game if you’re a fan of both bingo and music.

Rift Music Trivia DVD Game

Rift is a game that will test your memory and this will challenge players on various aspects of music including songs, lyrics, music videos, album covers and much more. You will have to be at your best to beat your opponent playing this game so if you’re up to the challenge then you can face off against another team so if you’re ready to face the music then the Rift Music Trivia Game will take your knowledge to the limit.

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